Review Copy: Hannah’s Moon


**I have been given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.**

TITLE: Hannah’s Moon

AUTHOR: John Heldt

PUB. DATE: February 8, 2017



Hannah’s Moon: After struggling for years to have a child, Claire Rasmussen, 34, turns to adoption, only to find new obstacles on the path to motherhood. Then she gets an unlikely phone call and soon learns that a distant uncle possesses the secrets of time travel.

Within weeks, Claire, husband Ron, and brother David find themselves on a train to Tennessee and 1945, where adoptable infants are plentiful and red tape is short. For a time, they find what they seek. Then a beautiful stranger enters their lives, the Navy calls, and a simple, straightforward mission becomes a race for survival.
Filled with suspense, romance, and heartbreak, HANNAH’S MOON, the epic conclusion of the American Journey series, follows the lives of four spirited adults as they confront danger, choices, and change in the tense final months of World War II. 

Review: This was a very good novel!

From the first chapter, it started with a very depressing event in Claire and Ron’s life. I enjoyed how the book initially began, it started with an emotional hook, and led me deeper into the story as everything unfolded. The writing style is very descriptive, and it was easy to imagine how the characters were reacting to things, and building up the setting. The pace was a bit slower, so it took about two weeks for me to read, but I rather liked the pacing how it was. It made it easier for smooth transitions between events, and had lots of breathing room in between to learn the daily lives of all the characters.

I liked all the characters, there wasn’t one I favored or disliked over another, which is a great thing to have. However, some of the characters’ personalities blended with each other, so I wanted each of them have a unique air to them, to make them stand out a bit more. Also another critique is how the characters were described. They would be shown like or related to a famous person, and as someone who didn’t know all of those people, it was harder to imagine what each character looked like. (I didn’t need to guess for Don Knotts though. 😉)

That still doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the characters! Claire was very determined, she would try every possiblility there was to adopt a child, even if it meant she had to go back in time to do so. She ended up being very caring to Hannah, and worked as hard as she could to take care of her.

Ron is more of the quiet, but strong type of character. He always supported Claire, no matter the circumstances, and was a great brother-in-law to David, Claire’s brother. He had troubling times in 1945, but through it all, he came out the same as he was before.

David is very intelligent and becomes the “local historian” when traveling back in time. He’s always sure of his decisions because of this, and helps Claire get through what may be the hardest time of her life.

Margaret has had a hard life, but she’s been able to keep on living the way she is, and has become harder to break. She can be snoopy at times, but she’s one of the most trustworthy characters in this book.

Also, there are several cameos of reoccurring characters, and a few surprising ones near the end too! I had fun reading all of those, it’s like going back to all the previous books again.

I have a knack for time travel, and I was excited to read another book from this series. When I was reading it, I was actually doing projects, and studying about this time period, so I found myself relating to this book a lot. There were certainly new things that I learned from reading this, and there were some things I already knew when I dived in. Overall, I had a lot of fun reading and reviewing this book, and if you ever decide to read it, I hope you can enjoy it too!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️

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