The Real Neat Blog Award!




Here’s to Sammie @ Bookshelves and Biros! Thank you!!!! 😀

The Rules:

  • Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.
  • Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.
  • Create 7 questions for your nominees.
  • Nominate 7 other bloggers.
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Sammie’s Questions

  • If you could have any food right here, right now, what would it be?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?

I honestly have no idea. I’m very fickle with my future.

Possible jobs: Engineer, BuzzFeed employee, librarian/owner of a bookstore, director/producer, some kind of job in the media, reporter/journalism, photographer

  • You get to go on a week-long clubbing holiday with three book characters – there will be sunburn, cocktails and bad dancing. Who would you choose and why?

This is hard.

I know for a fact that Adrian from the Bloodlines series should come, he could get us all in the best parties.

Goose from Mirrored should definitely come, I could imagine him getting into silly dance contests with random people.

Aaaaannnddd…. hmm let’s think.

Let’s throw in Blue from The Raven Cycle series, she’d be the life of the party.

  • What’s your favorite fairy tale?

I love all of them, but I sometimes favor one for awhile. But right now I’m not partial to a specific story at the moment.

  • Describe your ideal reading spot. It doesn’t have to be a real place!

My bed and my couch.

  • Would you rather fight ten guinea pig sized Voldemorts, or one Voldemort sized guinea pig?

One Voldemort sized guinea pig. Even tine Voldemorts are still powerful, so I’ll take my chance with a large guinea pig.

  • What’s the worst book you’ve read in the last month and why?

I wouldn’t say it’s the worst, but Queen of Hearts wasn’t as great compared to the other books I’ve been reading. 

My Question 4 U:

  1. What’s currently on your TBR?
  2. Who’s the best book boyfriend/girlfriend?
  3. #SummerRaps (make your own #SummerRaps, visit Twitter for examples)
  4. Who’s your favorite pet in a book?
  5. Any summer plans?
  6. Pick 3 book characters that you’d take with you to the beach for slushies, surf, and sun.
  7. Book pet-peeves.

Tag, you’re it:

  1. Sophie @ Book Wish
  2. Casey @ AdoptaBookAUS
  3. Codie @ Reader’s Anonymous
  4. Sam @ RiverMoose-Reads
  5. Ash @ Once Upon a Bookshelf
  6. Monique @ That Wild Soul
  7. Fiona @ The Bookworm Who Lived

Sorry if you’ve already done this tag, just ignore lil’ old me if you’ve done it.

That’s all for now, hope you liked that pic of Dyl, 🙂 bye!


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