The Liebster Award!


Ahhh! I want to thank AdoptaBookAUS so much for nominating me! Thank you!!!

Now I shall follow these here rules:

Rule 1: Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award. (Check)

Rule 2: Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you. (I’m on it)

Q #1: What author do you own the most books from?

Oh, that’s a toughy. I need to check real quick. (Momentarily paused)  The most books I own from an author is… drum roll please… Kiera Cass! I have The Selection, The Elite, The One, The Heir, The Siren, Happily Ever After, and The Selection Stories, which I am counting.

Q #2What started you reading?

I actually used to not like reading. A long time ago, when I was starting out in 6th grade, I had these assignments where I would time myself while I was reading. I started out with YA, but with, like, ahem, it contained not very age-appropriate stuff. So… I tried to stay away from those kind of books, then I started reading adult novels, which I found out, were worse for the mind of a 10 year-old. I decided that all books were boring and I never wanted to read again.

Then a year later, I had more assignments in reading, but I started out with books I enjoyed— which was fantasy novels— and continued going into YA. The book that started it all was Ella Enchanted. But we also had to read The Hunger Games as a in-class book, and that got me more into YA. (I was addicted to that book) Now, I read YA all the time.

Q #3: What started you blogging?

So my computer teacher, (who will read this no doubt) assigned us to create either a blog, a vlog, a wiki, or a podcast. I chose to do a blog, obviously. I was confused as to what my topic should be; everyone doing a blog did ones about their everyday lives, and I wanted to do something different from them. I was debating if I should showcase all the dresses I design, but those are just a hobby, or if I should just make one about my everyday life like everyone else.

I usually talk a mile a minute about books. I could carry on forever and I would never get tired. I wanted to incorporate my views on books in my blog. At first, I just wanted to write reviews, but I wanted more out of this blog and I added my random polls so I could start a discussion. The more I was talking and typing, the more fun I had visiting my site and making improvements and posts. Blogging is now something I really love to do, and I plan to keep this blog for a long time.

Q #4: Your favorite fictional couple.

That’s not fair! I’m just going to list a bunch of them, I don’t have only one.

  • Patch & Nora Hush Hush
  • Peeta & Katniss The Hunger Games
  • America & Maxon The Selection (They are the power couple of YA)
  • Jace & Clary The Mortal Instruments
  • Will & Tessa/ Jem & Tessa The Infernal Devices
  • Oliver & Delilah Between the Lines
  • Kahlen & Akinli The Siren
  • Amy & Roger Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour
  • Mia & Adam If I Stay
  • Audra & Vane Let the Sky Fall
  • Galen & Emma Of Posiden

Q #5: A book you hate but everyone else loves.

Sarah Dessen books. (They’re good, but I’m not into them) Twilight. (I just don’t like it, I’ve never read it but, do I need to?) I’m sorry if you hate me now.

Q #6: Books that make you want to throw them across the room. (because of anger or feels)

Red Queen. I’m just like “Why Maven?” You were sooo nice at first. This book, dude, it gets to you.

Q #7: Favorite book quote.

I am terrible at remembering quotes word for word, so let me recheck my books. (pause) Okay, so this is After the One when America told Maxon that she was going to have a baby. His response?

…”Isn’t that remarkable? I suddenly love you a hundred times more,” he said, quietly in awe.

Dude! That is the most amazing thing that anyone could say to another person.

Q #8: Favorite underrated book.

Of Posiden, Of Triton and Of Neptune are my all time faves.

Q #9: If your house was flooded and you could only fit 5 books into your backpack to save them what would they be?

  1. The Familiars (4 books total) because they were the only books that I ever loved as a kid.
  2. The Sweetest Spell (1 book total) because it was one of my favorites awhile back.

Q #10: Who do you like more: Batman or Joker; Superman or Spiderman; Iron Man or The Hulk?

From between Batman or Joker, I chose Batman; from Superman to Spiderman, Superman (but I still love Spiderman); Iron Man or The Hulk, that’s tough, would it count if  I picked the Bruce Banner part of the Hulk? If it does, or doesn’t, I would still chose The Hulk.

Out of all of them… SUPERMAN ALL THE WAY!! 😃

Q #11: What is your favorite book? *evil cackles*

Why you do dis to me? This is so hard! Lemme think. I switch my favorite books ‘of all time’ around a bit. But right now, it’s staying at The Selection.

Rule 3: Give 11 random facts about your self. (Almost check)

Here they are:

11. I am a Marvel fangirl.

10. I love YA books that are set in High School.

9. Jimmy Fallon is awesome.

8. Selena Gomez is my favorite human being. I’m sorry to all other humans.

7. I am terrible at not-laughing. I can’t keep a straight face.

6. Pinterest is my life.

5. I am the only person in this world (not including toddlers or babies) that doesn’t have social media. Snapchat? Nope. Instagram? Nada. Facebook? I don’t. Twitter? I’m trying my hardest. Vine? No. (Number 6 is all I have)

4. I have 4 cats, (indoor) a bunch of outdoor ones (like 12), and a evil dog that hates everyone except my family.

3. Only child. (This explains my constant boredom)

2. I am trying to learn how to be left-handed so I could be one of those people who can write with both hands. Success? It’s getting there.

  1. I am obsessed with Paris shirts. I only have two right now, but every time I see a shirt with the Eiffel Tower on it or the word Paris, I instantly want to buy it. This is just a shopping problem I have.

Rule 4: Nominate 5-11 other blogs you think are deserving of this award that have less than 200 followers. (Okay)

Rule 5: Let the blogs know that you have nominated them. (Pingbacks)

My nominations: Word Wonders, Sophie, Rivermoosebooks, Apieceofparadise, and Reader In A Reverie

Rule 6: Give them 11 questions to answer. (Lets do this)

  1. What is your favorite fanfic? *hehe*
  2. Where would you go if you can go anywhere in the world?
  3. What 5 superpowers do you want to have?
  4. Have you met any authors? If so, who?
  5. What is the most common name you have stumbled upon when reading?
  6. Do you like love triangle books? If so, which one is your fave?
  7. How many books can you read in one week?
  8. What book have you reread the most?
  9. Do you prefer a book in a girl’s point of view or a boy’s?
  10. Are you a night reader?
  11. How many books do you own? (paperbacks, hardcover and ebooks) *hehe*

Well, it’s 11:55 pm on a Thursday, so I should go hit the sack. But click the Like and/or Follow me button below, I’ll swing by at another time. Bye y’all!

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