The Liebster Award (2)!

Thank you!

I want to thank The Library Lizard for nominating me!! Check it out!


Here are the rules:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
  3. Answer the questions assigned to you.
  4. Give 10 random facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate 10 deserving bloggers for the award.
  6. Ask 10 questions to your nominees.


What is one of your favorite quotes from a book?

Hmmm…. I’m a big fan of Cassie Clare’s books, and most of her quotes are my favorite — especially the ones by Magnus. I can’t think of one on the top of my head though.

Favorite animal/creature from a book? (e.g. hippogriffs from Harry Potter)

OoOoOoOo… I’m going to say Church the cat.

Cassandra Jean - The Shadowhunters' Wiki:

Do you prefer to read at night or in the morning?

I always read at night. In the morning I’m still really tired so I just watch a bunch of TV or blog for awhile. Plus I like staying up. 🙂

What three adjectives/traits would you use to describe yourself?



Weird (In a good way)

What’s your bookish pet peeve?

Now my answers used to be vampires, but now that I’ve grown accustomed to them they can’t be my answer any more. So… I’m going to answer with “annoying main characters” for now.

You can only read one genre of book for the rest of your life: which genre would it be?

YA is a genre right? Haha, no, well yes but I’d read contemporary for the rest of life. It’s either that or fantasy.

Is there a book/series that you really liked but that had an ending you hated?

endless knight by the arcana chronicles:

Uhhhhh… yeah no. I didn’t like the ending of this whatsoever so I’m refraining myself from reading the third book.

What’s your Hogwarts house?

I recently took a quiz that said I was Hufflepuff. I don’t disagree.

Buy a vintage hat and divide up the class into 4 houses from Harry Potter. That can be their group table!:

Do you have a favourite film or T.V. show?


season 4:


Ben & Martin - Sherlock & John:


Keep Calm and find your Mind Palace:


This is so perfect.:


I just found this:

What’s your favorite part of blogging

Everything! I love telling people about my interest in books and writing reviews and doing something entertaining with my life. Blogging has been really fun for me, I love all the feedback I get and posting tags are fun to do! 😀

Ten Things About Me:

  1. So my favorite movie production company is Lionsgate. It’s where the most of my favorite books are made into films.
  2. I am very old-fashioned. Like I’ll know a bunch of 50s music and start singing the lyrics instantly. Because that’s how well I know them. I did this to my friends, I sang “American Pie” to everyone and nobody knew what I was doing… except for my teacher who sang with me. 🙂
  3. I am a big Loki fan! 🙂
  4. I’m a huge Sherlock fan, but you probably already know this. 😀
  5. I make it my goal to grow out my hair really long. It’s long-ish. At least to my standards.
  6. Favorite color is purple, but I own more pink stuff than is necessary. Actually pink and black… I like those two colors together.
  7. Uhhhh, I’m not usually a procrastinator, but sometimes I’m just really lazy. 😋
  8. I can only cook breakfast foods. Anything else will come out burnt, undercooked, or over seasoned.
  9. I really want to travel someday! I haven’t been anywhere. No tourist places. Nowhere in nature. The only time I travel is in my books, but I’m not complaining. 🙂
  10. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my future.

Questions for you:

  1. Any gamers out there? If so what’s you favorite game?
  2. What book do you think deserves more hype than it usually gets?
  3. If any of you can/is a writer, and you could only write one genre for the rest of your life, what genre and why?
  4. Besides YA what other types of books do you read?
  5. Favorite book, go!
  6. Type master: are you a fast typer?
  7. What song is stuck in you head right now?
  8. Would you be a watcher or a player in the game NERVE?
  9. What TV show do you watch the most?
  10. What book do you think has too much hype?

My nominees:

Codie @ Reader’s Anonymous/Jorelene @ Page Chronicles/Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl/The Immortal Readers/Lauren @ Wonderless Reviews/Casey @ AdoptaBookAUS/Emma @ TheBookishUnderdog/The Mud and Stars Book Blog/Anna @ Space Cats and Books/Martin @ A Pretty Wonderful Book


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