Disney Princess Sidekicks Book Tag!

Thank You! I want to thank Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews for tagging me to another original tag collab with Zuky @ Book Bum! Go check both of their blogs out after this post! *Graphics are from Mandy's original post. All belong to Disney.*    MUSHU FROM MULAN/OLAF + SVEN FROM FROZEN THE COMIC RELIEF – NAME... Continue Reading →


This or That Book Tag 5!

Hello! I'm here again with more tags! I was tagged by two people this time: Sophie @ Blame It On Chocolate and Reader @ Readers Rule! Thank you to you both! Everyone needs to check out their blogs because they're great! Rules Mention the creator of the tag (Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks) Thank the... Continue Reading →

School Subjects Book Tag 2!

Hello! I'm here with another tag! And the one who tagged me was Joana @ Bookneeders! She's a really sweet blogger, and I recommend that you go check out her blog! Thanks for the tag! I've also been pretty busy as of late. It's almost every day where I have some kind of event going... Continue Reading →

5 Favorite Words Tag!

Thank You! I'd like to give a big thank you to Sam @ RiverMoose-Reads for tagging me! She creates a lot of cool, special posts and some great reviews! Be sure to check her site out right away after this post! (I found a note I saved from last year with words that I liked... Continue Reading →

The Horror Movie Book Tag!

Thank You! I want to thank Maya @ Fire-Breathing Book Dragon for tagging me! She always has something fun to post about, so go check her out immediately after the post!! 😀 I'm not good with horror movies, I usually tend to avoid them. The only actual movies I've seen that have horror in them... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Film Girl

Volume Count: 2 Volumes Film Girl: Five years ago when Mei used to be a child's model, she overheard a conversation about her dissatisfying performance in front of the camera. Since then she's quit modeling and has started to blend into the background. One day when she's out with a few friends, a famous male... Continue Reading →

The Blue Sky Tag!

Thank You! Thank you to Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities for tagging me! I have never seen this tag before, so I'm excited to do it! EDIT: I've been kind of tired lately, and have been rushing to make posts, so I was kind of lethargic while making this one. It's not my... Continue Reading →

The Uniquely Me Tag!

Thank you! I want to thank Maya @ Fire-Breathing Book Dragon for tagging me! She posts a lot of cool tags as well, so be sure to visit her side after the post to check them out! The Rules: Thank the person that nominated you for this tag and link to their blog (spread the... Continue Reading →

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