Let’s Talk Webtoons: Magical 12th Graders

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Credit: Biwan

A Summary

of Magical 12th Graders by Seri, Biwan, and Yama

(Kinda Spoilery for the First Few Chapters)

Yeorum blames herself for the death of her sister Gyeowul. Upon finding her body, news reporters showed that Gyeowul was wearing a strange cosplay and thought of her in a negative light.

A year or so later, Yeorum oversleeps in class and wakes up in the middle of the night. As she ventures through the school, human-sized goldfish start to attack her! Fleeing from the scene, she runs into her bio teacher wearing… a magical girl outfit?

Turns out, he and Gyeowul fought to protect the school from enemies like the goldfish that gone crazy. Which explained the odd cosplay Gyeowul was found in.

Teacher forces Gyeowul’s magical pin upon Yeorum and now she’s a magical girl too. But her instincts and values are far more corrupted than her sister’s. So she uses her abilities to advance towards college, instead of saving the world with peace and love.

Still, Yeorum hopes that one day, her sister would get acknowledged for all the kind things she’s done as a magical girl, and sets out to return the honor to her name.

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Credit: Biwan



(I sent, more than 54 messages and screenshots of this comic to a friend and she was questioning my motives. XD I hope I got her to read this.)

This was an extremely hilarious webcomic to read, I don’t know why I didn’t pick it up sooner. The characters were slapstick silly, and there were many references and 4th wall breaking. The drawings themselves also related to a few memes I knew, so that certainly added to the laugh-o-meter.

Still, there is a plot. Many comments I have seen when reading this said that the comic was too “random”. But I didn’t think it was random at all. It was many ideas put into one single story line, and maybe that was random in a sense, but it fit together so well to be haphazardly written down. (If you want random, watch the Hot Dogga. XD)

The art was also very uncharacteristically witty. How? Mainly because lots of the faces and poses of the characters were drawn in a way to instigate humor for the reader. It’s not always easy to do that, so I appreciate how they came up with those ideas and incorporated them into the story.

But it wasn’t always rainbows and sunshine, or in bio teacher’s case, Magical Girls and My Lil Pony. (It actually references that.) There were still darker themes during the beginning and more towards the end. And parts that became really heart-felted scenes.

After 100 chapters, we see the story take on a more serious approach. But it still doesn’t loose much of its comedy. The story wraps up nicely in the end, and leaves you feeling satisfied.

Overall, if you have the time, and enjoy something to binge on, then please consider reading Magical 12th Graders.

Thanks for reading

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Credit: Webtoons/Biwan

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