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I was nominated for this award four times by Marta @ The Book Mermaid, Mangalover, Namitha @ Teen Memoir, and by Kate @ MeltingPotsandOtherCalamities! Thank you all so much!

(My phone literally just vibrated and I felt my heart stop for a second there.) (Oh gosh!)

Anyway, this is the second time I’m doing this award! I have links on the bottom of my site for the other awards I did.

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
  2. Post about the award.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate at most 15 people. (I’m lazy, I’ll only do a few.)
  5. Tell your nominees the good news!

Seven Facts

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(I couldn’t help myself. It just made sense to have a gif of Seven here.)

  1. I’m iffy on all things horror. I like horror games (for the most part) but really hate horror books and movies. (I don’t do well with blood or jumpscares.)
  2. I can never be a doctor because of my fear of blood. It’s not so bad. I’m able to watch the gore in some movies (and I don’t mind seeing cuts and gashes), but when it’s procedural medicine, I instantly become very uncomfortable. (It used to be so bad that I was just afraid of the word. I didn’t like how it looked on paper when I was a kid. I don’t mind it now, but when I was really young I was afraid of all that.)
  3. That’s why I hated vampires. I don’t care now though. I’m comfortable with books with them in it. For the most part, I mostly end up enjoying them. But I used to really hate vampires, and blood, and thought they were scary. (This is really embarrassing even now as I’m saying it.)
  4. However, I really like murder mysteries. I think Sherlock kind of helped me with that, but I really enjoy reading and watching them. (I’m an odd person, I already know this.)
  5. Moving on from all that, I got to see Spider-Man: Homecoming recently. I really liked it, I think Tom did a good job portraying both Peter and Spider-Man. I’m still a big Andrew Garfield fan though, that won’t change.
  6. My favorite DC hero is Superman, for the X-Men it’s Quicksilver, and for the Avengers it’s Ant-Man.
  7. I keep stalling my posts, books, and anime because I keep playing games. 😅 I really need to prioritize what I have to do.

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