Blogger Recognition Award!

Special Thanks!!!

I want to thank TheBookishUnderdog  so much for nominating me!!! Haha, let’s do this thing, Bumper style. *weird had motion over face>>* Wuddup gif reference!

You gotta love ’em memes. 🙂


  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two advice to new bloggers.
  • Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.

Okay, lets do this thing. 🙂

How my blog (originally) started:

I’m pretty sure you all know the story, but I’ll repeat myself once again.

It was a dark and stormy night *creepily* ooooooooooh… Haha, no, it started like this:

I was in computer class, just learning about blogs, wikis, podcasts, and vlogs. As an assignment (which I’m pretty sure is no longer an assignment cause everyone apparently forgot about it by now; it was only 3 months ago! I’m still dedicated to this blog, assignment or not… moving on and getting back on track) I was to do a wiki, blog, podcast, or (if I wanted a challenge) a vlog. I chose to do a blog because it seemed the easiest thing on that list back then. (You don’t want me posting vlogs, trust me. I prefer being the camerawoman not the actor.)

I wasn’t always into books, but I’ve grown a love for YA more than any other genre I’ve read, so it would seem that I would’ve started this book blog sooner. But I had other ideas too, like posting some sketches or designs I had, or writing about my daily life (which everyone else was doing if they picked to do a blog too). However, books stuck with me the most, and I decided to dedicate this blog to YA.

Now, here comes your ending. This assignment isn’t due yet, I went ahead of everyone else so I could get some posts in and build my blog over time. I don’t know if I will still turn this blog in, it has become something personal to me, and I’m not sure if I want to turn it in to the school yet. I might create something else to turn in, but I also doubt that. I still haven’t decided quite yet what I should do. But I do know this: blogging has been really great, and I love all of you and your responses so much, they make my day! (I literally smile and laugh when I read your comments.) I plan on keeping this blog up for as long as I can, which means forever. 🙂

I put my truth hat on typing that. 😀


The actual assignment for this blog was to learn about the types of people out there on the internet. So far everyone has been so kind to me and taken me in, no one had been rude or mean. But if you guys out there find yourself in a situation like that, don’t let anyone else get to you. You are all beautiful and strong people. I can say things like, tell an adult or report that person whose being rude on the internet. You can definitely do that, because that is also the right thing to do. Just keep being you, don’t let anyone stop you from being your weird, awesome self. 🙂 You’re not alone out there internet, I’m just as weird as the rest of you, just embrace those flaws and grammar typos with style. You do you.

Another piece of advice about getting used to this site. It took me awhile learning the ropes of WordPress, trust me I’m still learning. Just play around with some buttons and customize everything you can. Learn your way around the internet. I had no idea what a tag was, so sad I know. My best piece of advice to help you create your blog page: GOOGLE EVERYTHING! It’s how I learned, haha. (*whispers* I still use Google.) Also you can ask me, I’ll try my best to help y’all. 🙂 But I’m still bad with computers so be warned.

Good luck internet!

Too late Emma, too late.

My nominees for the Blogger Recognition Award are *drum roll* bladadadadadada:

*cymbal crash* (I’m trying to pick people who weren’t nominated before, sorry if you I renominated you.)

Sophie @ Book Wish Blog

Sam @ RiverMoose-Reads

Universe of YA Reading

Emma @ Livewirexo

Emma @ The Book Crunch

Hope @ A Reading Wonderland

Codie @ Reader’s Anonymous

Aya @ ABlessedBrownie

Bianca @ The Ultimate Fangirl

Jess @ Princessica of Books

Chelsea @ The Warlock’s Gray Book

Alexis @ Pruesreviews

Nielle @ Nielle-Reads-Books

Morrisa @ Morrisareads

Alicia @ #Lovebooks

I’ll be back to see y’all soon, bye!

20 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award!

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  1. I think you should turn this blog in! It’ll show dedication and the ability to maintain a blog, which is actually quite a good skill to put on your CV later on if you want to go into marketing/PR/writing/journalism etc. You can always censor out anything more personal. Xx

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  2. Congratulations! I’ve seen a lot of post of people explaining how their blog began, but yours is super cool. Never intending on actually starting a blog and ending up liking it shows how fate kinda works out…which is super hippish for me to say lol. Anyway, that’s awesome and thanks for the nomination 😀

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