Series Review: Kaichou-kun no Shimobe


Volume Count: 4 Volumes

Kaichou-kun no Shimobe: Hirayama is a quiet girl who would rather spend her days with fictional characters than actual people. No really. She’s a die-hard otaku that writes doujinshi online, goes to conventions, watches anime 24/7, and doodles anime characters while at school. She likes to be a hermit too, and stay indoors all day writing her manuscripts.

Of course, being an otaku at her school (and home; her little siblings are brutal) is something that’s frowned upon. So, Hirayama likes to keep all her obsessions a secret. Who knows what other people will start thinking; rumors spread like wildfire!

Unfortunately, she stumbles upon the student council president, Kujou, while he’s on the phone and learns his dirty little secret. Now, Hirayama is stuck with him (he blackmailed her into keeping his secret, and in return he won’t put her manuscripts all over for the school to see), and it doesn’t seem like he’ll let her off easy.

Review: This is the funniest manga series that I’ve read yet!

Really! I’ve never laughed so hard while reading another manga (not including Ouran—which is a great comedy series)! There’s so many outtakes that it seems like there really isn’t a story at all, but it somehow works (like a slice of life). It’s totally worth reading, I was able to binge read all 4 volumes, and I loved every minute.

The art is what drew me in also, not just the comedy. I love the detail when showing Kujou’s “true self”, haha! Plus, I noticed that the style changed slightly. It was actually really hard to spot the difference, but I saw a change from how some of the characters were drawn.

However, sometimes either the translation was a bit unclear, or some of the dialogue was confusing. I’m sure that’s just because maybe I didn’t understand something (culturally), but I do still feel that there were a few blank holes that needed better clarification. More or less, I could still follow along, it just took me a few times to reread a panal or a speech bubble.

I did really enjoy the characters. Kujou reminded me of myself a few months back, haha (he’s not an otaku, but is being slowly converted by Hira 😆), and Hirayama reminds me of how I am now (not sure if that should be a good thing). Their character interaction was probably the best I’ve seen from a shoujo manga. I just like characters that bicker a lot, it’s like their siblings. 😄 They seem so natural with each other, and are constantly fighting, that it’s hilarious to watch. I didn’t really ship them, I preferred them as friends who constantly fight (plus there was no chemistry between them at all, I feel that it is a good thing).

Kujou is a complete brat, but he’s very simple minded, and outwardly funny. He does change, but the progress is very slow, and the change is “barely there”. However, change doesn’t always have to be a good thing, I preferred him as his dark and brooding self.

Hirayama is the character I felt like I could relate to the most. She really doesn’t care about Kujou at all, but is constantly stuck with him, and has to suffer his tyranny. Hira makes the most of it, and even gets Kujou to work on a few manuscripts. (She can be pretty scary if she is bothered while trying to work.) The thing that I found I probably loved the most about her, is that she didn’t have any attraction to Kujou at all. (A shoujo manga with no romance, who knew?) Sure, there are instances, but they were forced on her by A) Kujou, B) her mother, and C) Hina (Kujou’s father), and they drove her away from the “love interest” than towards. It was nice to read a manga that seemed like pure comedy, and didn’t have any forced romance tropes at all.

Haya and Ako are my favorite supporting characters. Haya is a transfer student who is also an otaku. He and Hirayama hit it off straight away and obsess about anime together. (It’s fun to watch them fangirl/boy about stuff.) Ako is Kujou’s cousin and Hira’s friend. She befriends Hira because she hopes to have another outlet to annoy Kujou, and it works too. Ako is very popular with people in general, and it’s no surprise to see Hira gravitate towards trusting her. (They do have a common interest after all: revenge against Kujou.) (Poor Kujou, apparently everyone despises him. [-_-])

Overall, this was a great comedy to read, and I highly enjoyed it!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️.5

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  1. A shoujo manga…without much romance…who would’ve thought! I may have to look into this for that! This sounds really funny too, (and horribly relatable).
    Also, I dunno if you remember, but I tagged you for an original tag of mine back in June. I’m not sure if you remember, just a friendly (if self advertising) reminder!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I know right?! Who knew! I mean there are small elements, but that’s all. I hope you like it!
      What was the name of the tag? I probably have it in my endless pile of drafts. 😅 I’ll get to it soon though, I’m trying to do the tags I’ve saved in there.
      Also I shot you an email about the SoC post! Everything’s explained in there, but if you need any clarifications, just ask me on here too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well yeah, it is shoujo, but to have no canon couple is amazing!
        It was the “Romance Fails in Fiction Choice Tag”. I have a ton of drafts too, so it’s okay! And I’ll email you back tomorrow with the details, okay? (I have a hard time with questions!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know right! I see them as friends, I guess the author saw them that way too(?).
        And I had to dig around my drafts, but I found it! I’ll do it soon!
        And no problem! I just finished the book! (That ending… I want to read the second now, haha.)


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