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I want to thank the amazing Sophie @ Blame It On Chocolate. She likes YA and Manga too, so be sure to visit her site—there’s chocolate!

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Icebreaker694 Facts:

  1. I am a music nerd, of sorts. I listen to some indie pop, pop, orchestra, 50s/60s, DJ (it’s either called that or Electric, I’m not sure which), pop rock (if it’s a thing—it’s what I call it), and soundtracks or TV Shows/Anime/Movies. I don’t listen to bands like MCR, P!ATD, or Nirvana. I do sometimes like to listen to Twenty One Pilots, 1975, The XX, Tonight Alive, and Chainsmokers (I don’t really think they’re a band though). Also some of my favorite artists are Selena Gomez, Aurora (she deserves to be more famous, I tell ya), Zella Day, and Melanie Martinez.
  2. I try to write stories, but I’ve never successfully wrote a book before. I always tend to quit after chapter 2, the most I’ve written is around 8 chapters. I’m not even done with the 8th chapter, I quit mid-sentence. *nervous laughter*
  3. I prefer to read shoujo over shounen manga, but I still really love shounen. I know there are other genres (slice of life, fantasy, horror, etc.) but I tend to binge read shoujo a lot more nowadays.
  4. In addition, I read WebToons! Well, I’ve been taking a long break (2 months actually) but I’m trying to come back. I’ve started one thriller genre Webtoon I hope to finish. (It’s really good—I’m just really bad at being dedicated, I will continue it though!)
  5. I spend most of my days on YouTube a lot. I don’t have a channel where I post stuff, I’m just addicted to RPG games, anime YouTubers, BuzzFeed, and music. That’s pretty much it—I don’t really watch many YouTubers or subscribe to many.
  6. I like a lot of fairy tale retellings, but currently I’m really into Alice and Wonderland retellings. Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast used to be my favorite, but I like going through the rabbit hole a lot. 😄 I’ve never seen a Goldilocks and the Three Bears YA story, I think it would be cool is someone wrote one. (Not me, I’m too lazy.)
  7. I like reading series a lot, but sometimes I’ll just be satisfied with reading the first book
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