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Thank You!

I want to thank the amazing Sophie @ Blame It On Chocolate. She likes YA and Manga too, so be sure to visit her site—there’s chocolate!

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Icebreaker694 Facts:

  1. I am a music nerd, of sorts. I listen to some indie pop, pop, orchestra, 50s/60s, DJ (it’s either called that or Electric, I’m not sure which), pop rock (if it’s a thing—it’s what I call it), and soundtracks or TV Shows/Anime/Movies. I don’t listen to bands like MCR, P!ATD, or Nirvana. I do sometimes like to listen to Twenty One Pilots, 1975, The XX, Tonight Alive, and Chainsmokers (I don’t really think they’re a band though). Also some of my favorite artists are Selena Gomez, Aurora (she deserves to be more famous, I tell ya), Zella Day, and Melanie Martinez.
  2. I try to write stories, but I’ve never successfully wrote a book before. I always tend to quit after chapter 2, the most I’ve written is around 8 chapters. I’m not even done with the 8th chapter, I quit mid-sentence. *nervous laughter*
  3. I prefer to read shoujo over shounen manga, but I still really love shounen. I know there are other genres (slice of life, fantasy, horror, etc.) but I tend to binge read shoujo a lot more nowadays.
  4. In addition, I read WebToons! Well, I’ve been taking a long break (2 months actually) but I’m trying to come back. I’ve started one thriller genre Webtoon I hope to finish. (It’s really good—I’m just really bad at being dedicated, I will continue it though!)
  5. I spend most of my days on YouTube a lot. I don’t have a channel where I post stuff, I’m just addicted to RPG games, anime YouTubers, BuzzFeed, and music. That’s pretty much it—I don’t really watch many YouTubers or subscribe to many.
  6. I like a lot of fairy tale retellings, but currently I’m really into Alice and Wonderland retellings. Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast used to be my favorite, but I like going through the rabbit hole a lot. 😄 I’ve never seen a Goldilocks and the Three Bears YA story, I think it would be cool is someone wrote one. (Not me, I’m too lazy.)
  7. I like reading series a lot, but sometimes I’ll just be satisfied with reading the first book
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I Nominate:

Sorry if you already did this, you can ignore me. 🙂


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14 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award!

Add yours

  1. Oh my gosh…I JUST did this award! 😅 But I like your answers! And man, I wish I had the self control you do to take a two month break from Webtoons; I just can’t help reading the latest update.
    Oh, and that thriller Webtoon you mentioned…it had its last episode today. Now is the perfect time to binge! (But I totally underwater the dedication problem…there are some great Webtoons that I have dedication problems with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I’m on 13 or 14 of Bastard already, now that it’s complete I can binge! Thanks for telling me! It was hard at first to have a break from Webtoons but I found it just as hard to come back again, it’s mostly the dedication thing I mentioned. And you already did the award? I will look at your answers (sorry I didn’t know if you already did it).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh…yes, now you can! And oh gosh, the ending…I wish it hadn’t ended yet… I see what you mean; it’s like when you lose the habit of doing something and try to get back into the habit. It’s a weird feeling. And nah, it’s no big deal! I just published it yesterday, but I can edit it to say that you nominated me too!
        And how do you do drop down menus? I tried it yesterday and failed miserably.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It really is hard, I’m no longer used to it so it’s weird trying to come back after so long. (I still haven’t successfully come back to the other comics I’ve read, but I’ll get there. 😄) Oh and for drop down arrows, go to Menus and click on an add button. There will be something that says “add item to children” and that’s your sub-tab for the drop down menu. Set the sub-tabs for the category you chose, and put the original tab as a page (you can even make a special page for it if you want). Hope that helped!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations, icebreaker! And thankyou for thinking of me! I love listening to soundtracks too. They give me so much nostalgia haha. And YouTube is soo addictive lol! Loved this post, and thanks again. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG I love Zella Day and Melanie Martinez! They’re both super different from one another but so unique in their own way.
    I usually read a lot more shoujo too but I’ve tried to branch out into shounen as much as possible hahaha
    There’s actually an YA Goldilocks retelling coming out soon (March 28th to be precise)! I found out about it a couple months back so it’s funny that you mention it: it’s called Golden by K.M. Robinson. Don’t ask me how accurate it is but you should definitely try it out ^^
    Also, thank you for the shoutout, you rock ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! Their music is so different from a lot of music on the radio, it’s why I love them so much. Especially Melanie’s because you can tell there’s a hidden meaning in her songs. I need to read more shounen manga, I just don’t know where to start. And I must check out that book! Thank you for telling me! 😄Also you’re welcome!


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