the-versatile-blogger-awardThank you!!

I want to thank Anna @ Space Cats and Books! Go check out her blog, I’s great!!


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  1. My go-to foods are always noodles, cheese, and chips. Not a nutritious snack, but they’re all very tasty.
  2. Um… the last book I’ve read was NERVE. I really want to see the movie even thought it’s totally different.
  3. I prefer hardcover over paperback. 1) The book looks pretty and 2) less damage to the book.
  4. If I’m not reading I’m usually on my blog or watching movies/shows.
  5. I know my cat facts, like did you know that cats can taste sugar or that there are 32 muscles in a cat’s ear? (I had to check out the last one again 😋)
  6. Uhhh….hmmm… This one is tricky… Okay, just because I use it the most does not mean it’s my favorite emoji. I don’t really have a favorite but let’s just say it is the unicorn for now, but I just use the smiley faced one the most. 🐧 I found a penguin one!! (On my laptop)
  7. Including number 2, I’ve read a total of 31 books this summer!!! #Goals

Nominated Guests:

Electrums/Writing the Dream Blog/Arianne @ Beyond Chapters/Emma @ Llady Literary/Amy @ NovelGossip/The Immortal Readers/Emma @ TheBookishUnderdog/Quirky Opinions/Jill @ RandandRaveAboutBooks/Ellie @ EllisBookShelf/Joyce @ Completely Booked/Alice @ Arctic Books/Johnathan Fisher/Aentee @ Read at Midnight/Zezee with Books

Most of you probably already did this award, and if you did then you can ignore lil ol’ me. 🙂