Series Review: Classi9

Volume Count: 5 Volumes Classi9: Ren Taki has come all the way from Japan to Vienna to enroll in the Melite Conservatory of Music. This was a promise she made to her father, and when she finally got accepted to the school of her dreams, she was so excited for her new life in a... Continue Reading →


Series Review: Film Girl

Volume Count: 2 Volumes Film Girl: Five years ago when Mei used to be a child's model, she overheard a conversation about her dissatisfying performance in front of the camera. Since then she's quit modeling and has started to blend into the background. One day when she's out with a few friends, a famous male... Continue Reading →

Series Review: No. 6

Volume Count: 9 Volumes No. 6: Shion has been sheltered all his life in the utopian city he knows as No. 6. After several wars broke out, the destruction to the Earth became apparent and so the people created six perfect cities where everyone's needs are met. However one day Shion ends up seeing a... Continue Reading →

T10T: Hidden Gems in Manga

Top Ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. As with all lists, these are in no particular order. This list contains books that are less recognized or are not mainstream. (Also most of these are shoujo so...) Not all of these are perfect, but I certainly enjoyed them. #1... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Dreamin’ Sun

Volume Count: 10 Volumes Dreamin' Sun: One day, Shimana gets frustrated at her home and runs off. It hasn't been long since her mother had died and her father had gotten remarried, so she's been looking forward to having a new family. However, Shimana couldn't help but feel replaced, which is why she ran off without... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Plus Alpha no Tachiichi

Volume Count: 2 Volumes Plus Alpha no Tachiichi: Satoki never imagines herself as the main character. She doesn't really have to, because she doesn't want to. Main characters have to shoulder the burden of all the other characters' needs, be extra responsible for their actions, and have the camera pointed at them all the time.... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Kaichou-kun no Shimobe

Volume Count: 4 Volumes Kaichou-kun no Shimobe: Hirayama is a quiet girl who would rather spend her days with fictional characters than actual people. No really. She's a die-hard otaku that writes doujinshi online, goes to conventions, watches anime 24/7, and doodles anime characters while at school. She likes to be a hermit too, and... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Karakuri Odette

Volume Count: 6 Volumes Karakuri Odette: Odette is an android created by the genius Professor Yoshizawa. Her appearance is close to a human's, but she wants to understand what it is like to truly become human. So she decides to go to high school and study humans up close. She may try to live normally,... Continue Reading →

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