Series Review: Classi9

Volume Count: 5 Volumes Classi9: Ren Taki has come all the way from Japan to Vienna to enroll in the Melite Conservatory of Music. This was a promise she made to her father, and when she finally got accepted to the school of her dreams, she was so excited for her new life in a... Continue Reading →


Review: Saving Hamlet

Saving Hamlet: A stage manager's job never ends. This year, with the original holder of the title of stage manager absent, it's Emma's job as the assistant to fill in her role. Only Emma thinks she's way in over her head. The new director has captured Emma's eye, but he's far from being the perfect... Continue Reading →

Review Copy: Hannah’s Moon

**I have been given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.** TITLE: Hannah's Moon AUTHOR: John Heldt PUB. DATE: February 8, 2017 WHERE TO BUY: Amazon FORMAT: E-ARC Hannah's Moon: After struggling for years to have a child, Claire Rasmussen, 34, turns to adoption, only to find new... Continue Reading →

Review: Beastly Bones

Beastly Bones: It's 1892 and Abigail Rook is just about to embark on a new adventure with famous sleuth detective, Jackaby. After a call to check out some strange shapeshifting kittens, Jackaby and Abigail are contempt to take care of them. However the next day, the kittens' owner is found dead in her own home.... Continue Reading →

Review: My Lady Jane

My Lady Jane: Edward is a young king, dying from a strange illness that came out of the blue. Jane is a Lady (hence Lady Jane), who has a bad reputation with getting betrothed and loves books more than life. Gifford, or G as he wants people to call him, is a young man who's... Continue Reading →

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