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I’m back again with another Comic Spotlight for the week. This comic in particular is a current favorite of mine, I very much enjoyed reading it, and laughing out loud at some parts (it’s not a comedy… I just laugh at the characters anyway). It was a good comic to binge read the first season, and I think many other people will enjoy it too!

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Ability by Son Jae-Ho & Lee Gwang

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Credit: Lee Gwang-Su

Ability is about a young man, Ju-Hwa who has had a strange power ever since he was a child. It’s the power of regeneration, but also infinite stamina. It’s a pretty strange power, because he is a human through and through, and not an Another. Anothers are beings with otherworldly powers, and go unnoticed by the rest of humankind. However they are very strong and seek world domination. Ju-Hwa doesn’t side with either Hon, a corporation to protect weak Anothers, nor his renegade Another acquaintance, Sa Ryun. He walks a fine line between both sides of the spectrum, but is constantly pulled into Hon’s business whenever he gets attacked by its enemies.

The characters in this comic are very likable. Even the bad guys! Tar and Sa-Ryun are my favorite antags because they’re witty and have a sharp personality. (Also they are very sassy.) Ju-Hwa is very likable because he reminds me a lot of Captain America. They’re both superhuman, and have strong hearts. Both seem to fight for the good of other people, and are completely simple minded at the same time. (Cap worries about newage trends, and Ju-Hwa worries about his café. 😂) I definitely think if you are a fan of Marvel characters in general, I think this comic is a good place to start.

A lot of the panels are actions scenes. They are amazingly vivid, and had my heart racing. I like how the artist portrayed when an object was coming onto another object at high speed. (I liked looking at all the lines drawn as emphasis; I don’t know why I paid attention, I just did. 😆)

Here are some random highlights and clarifications:

  1. The rest of the series is on “indefinite hiatus”. It was supposed to be updated 2 months after the season 1 finale, but it’s been 3 years already, and I don’t think season 2 will come anytime soon. For now, I hope it still is on hiatus, but it looks like it’ll be discontinued. (I hope it will not, I’ve read too many good comics that ended up being discontinued, or had translator problems and didn’t continue the English translations.)
  2. Facts about Ju-Hwa: He used to be made fun of for his ability, but he’s starting to view it as a good thing. He hopes to train himself so he can help other people, and also to not be such a burden on others as well. He owns a coffee shop, which he inherited from his grandfather, and everytime it gets destroyed he rebuilds it himself. (Talk about renovation skills.)
  3. Facts about Un: He’s an agent at Hon who got to meet, and fight Ju-Hwa one on one. He was surprised by Ju-Hwa’s strange ability to get up after being hit so many times, that he started calling Ju-Hwa a “zombie”. Un and Ju-Hwa’s relationship gets better, and they have each other’s backs during a fight.
  4. Facts about Ye-Rin: She is also another agent of Hon, but don’t let her slender figure fool you, she packs quite a kick. Literally, she has some sort of superkick. And also, it’s not canon, but I feel that she likes Ju-Hwa, but she can also be annoyed by him too, so maybe not.
  5. Facts about Mase: He’s the chief of Hon, and one of the most powerful people onboard. He can be pretty terrifying, but he’s not so bad once you get to know him. Just mysterious.
  6. Facts about Ji Su-Jin: She’s Hon’s “Little Lady” or “Princess”. She holds a very important title in Hon, and can even have the power to order Mase. She was rescued by Ju-Hwa from an evil Another and a fatal car accident, and ends up calling him “Oppa” (the equivalent of “brother”, I think, don’t quote me) ever since then. She’s still a child, and Ju-Hwa acts like a bigger brother towards her, which is sweet.
  7. Facts about Ji-Woon: He’s the adorable kid with cat-like ears! He’s one of the weaker Anothers that happened to stumble upon Ju-Hwa’s café one rainy day. He comes a bit later, but let’s just say he causes some trouble.
  8. Facts about Sa-Ryun: He’s a very mysterious person who wants to kill Ju-Hwa for his power. However, he’s not a total bad guy, and actually ends up training Ju-Hwa. But if you ask why, he’ll just say, “It wasn’t for him, but me.” Very vague, I know, but I don’t want to give away too many spoilers.
Image result for ability comic
Credit: Lee Gwang-Su

Son Jae-Ho has written another comic called Noblesse. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve looked into it and plan on reading it soon. It’s still ongoing, so I don’t exactly know when I’ll start it (I like reading completed comics). However, for now I’m very satisfied with Ability.

If you are interested in this comic, I recommend it to all of you! I hope you will all take the time to enjoy it! Thanks for reading this post!

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    1. I loved the art for this one! I wasn’t sure about the art or story of Noblesse after I looked into it, but now that I’ve read Ability, I’m interested to see what Noblesse has in store. And yeah, it’s a downer that it’s currently not updating, and I guess that’s Noblesse’s fault, but I’ll be happy when a new episode comes out. And it’s worth trying, I’m glad I got to read it.

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      1. I hope to enjoy it too. 😊 I read it off of mangafox. You can either search it by name, or scroll through the “completed” section, which was how I discovered it. Also the page turns don’t really effect your reading at all (at least it didn’t for me), so it might be easier to read than Jack: The American Ghost.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. This one sounds great! I LOVE sassy characters so I think I’d enjoy reading Ability quite a lot 😛 All the characters, really, appear to be so interesting! The fact that it can humorous too is a big plus in my book ^^
    I look forward to reading more comic posts from you!

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