Anime: Overview of Things I Haven’t Made Posts About

Hello! I have not done this is so long, it's been awhile. I have been slacking off so much, and I haven't been bringing the best content. (Other than tags for the book side of my blog.) Haha, I've actually been playing/watching many games and shows that'd be perfect to make other posts about. And... Continue Reading →


Series Review: No. 6

Volume Count: 9 Volumes No. 6: Shion has been sheltered all his life in the utopian city he knows as No. 6. After several wars broke out, the destruction to the Earth became apparent and so the people created six perfect cities where everyone's needs are met. However one day Shion ends up seeing a... Continue Reading →

Comic Spotlight: Ability

Hello! I'm back again with another Comic Spotlight for the week. This comic in particular is a current favorite of mine, I very much enjoyed reading it, and laughing out loud at some parts (it's not a comedy... I just laugh at the characters anyway). It was a good comic to binge read the first... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Noragami

**This series is still on going, I have not quite yet finished everything.** Current Volume Count: 19 volumes (I've read 17 of them.) Noragami: Have you ever wondered about the graffiti on the walls? Maybe there is a number there; a kind of self-help line. If you see that number, that means you are in... Continue Reading →

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