The Actor Book Tag!

Hey everyone, I was thinking of creating a new tag and this one came to mind so I hope y’all like it. 🙂


  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Chose your own 8 actors (or you can use the ones I gave you) and create descriptions and compare them to book characters like I did
  • Put in photos of them from the movie roll
  • Answer what book character fits the same description as the movie character
  • List 8 people to tag

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio (playing as Jack from Titanic) —a love interest that dies.

Corinthe from Fates. I was both happy and sad, I liked her character, but I already expected someone to die in this book.

2. Selena Gomez (playing as Grace from Monte Carlo)—a character that lies about his/her image.

Grayson from The Promise of Amazing. He had a fake ID and personality before he met Wren.


3. Anna Kendrick (Playing Becca from Pitch Perfect)—a character taking the lead.

Even though I can’t seem to remember everything, I’m going to say Charlotte from Being Friends with Boys.

4. Amy Poehler (playing as Angie from Baby Mama)—a crazy, fun, wild character.

Mark from Lady Midnight. He was in the Wild Hunt and he missed being a part of it, he liked the feeling of the wind when flying and the rush of the hunt.

5. Benedict Cumberbatch (playing as Khan from Star Trek Into Darkness)—a great and powerful villian.

The only villain that I can think of is Jeanine from Divergent.

6. Tom Hiddleston (playing as Loki from Thor: The Dark World)— A villian that everybody loves more than the hero.

I don’t know anybody who loves a villain.

7. Bill Murray (playing as Peter from Ghostbusters)—A witty, sarcastic, fun-loving protagonist.

Oh, that’s hard. (hmmmmm) I’m going to say Magnus Bane. He fits all three.

8. Chris Pratt (playing as Emmet from The Lego Movie)— A lovable character that is the good kind of different.

Simon Snow. I mean c’mon, he’s Simon Snow.

I tag:


Bookworm In NY




Jorelene @ Page Chronicles


Word Wonders


I tag everyone else who wants to try this out. 😀

I’d love to hear all of your answers, I’m curious. So please, link this tag back to me so that I may view your post. If you enjoyed it then please, if you have fingers on your hands, click the Like button. If you have more fingers then click the Follow button on the bottom of my page too. I’ll see you later, bye!



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