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I was watching season 2 of “Stitchers” the other day (It’s one one my favorite TV shows of all time. My order: [1] Sherlock [2] SNL [3] Stitchers) and I couldn’t help but quote a meaningless quote that I find funny. So here it is:

*Talking through the phone and watching Kirsten and Cameron through a camera, says in monotone* “Look how cute you two are, your heads all close. Do you have a ship name yet?” -Hacker AKA antagonist

*Whispers to Kirsten* “What does that mean?” -Cameron

I find this funny cause all over the Stitchers fanpages everyone is shipping them (I am too, it’s obvious that they should be together). I don’t know, it probably makes no sense to you if you haven’t seen all 13 episodes, but when I first saw this my initial reaction was “Yes, exactly, Camsten for life!”.

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