Featured: Art Gallery Post + 600 Follower Milestone


Okay, so, uh… I’m finally doing it you guys. I made this into a post!

I’ve promised a very long time ago to feature my art on this blog (around when I had 200 followers), but I didn’t want to because I didn’t really think it was good at the time, and I was an unconfident little noodle.

I still am an unconfident little noodle, haha. πŸ˜‚ And I really didn’t want to make this post at all! However, I’ve been running out of ideas for posts, and I needed something special for this week so…

I kinda forced myself to do this.

So I cut out some of the REALLY bad stuff, and am only posting the things that I think are okay.

Now I do post stuff on Twitter, but that’s all the sketches and unfinished art, it’s not the final copy.  (Only one was finished.) I’m putting only the digital art I worked on, because it’s less hassle for me to upload any of the sketchbook pictures on the computer. But I can pull a few of those sketches from Twitter at the end of this post.

Speaking of Twitter, in one of my last milestone posts, I said I made a poll to see who would actually want to see my summer art, and the votes came up positive. So I’m also posting this because of the poll.

But be warned, I haven’t actually learned human gestures yet, so everything looks a bit… unnatural. (The reason why I didn’t want to post anything.) But it’s not too bad… I hope.

Also I didn’t do anything for my 600 followers milestone, so this is kind of like a post for that too. (Thanks to all 600+ of you!)

Before anyone asks I draw with a Turcom 6540 Tablet, which looks like this:

Turcom Aura Graphic Tablet
Credit: Turcom

And I draw and paint all in Sai.

The Art

**These aren’t in any order. I also have no titles for these, so the titles are just what I saved them as.**

Cherry Blossom

Okay, so with this one, I was just learning how to do simple hair, because I never really tried to focus on hair before, and the lineart went well, but I never had any experience with coloring… So I tried to highlight and it reminded me of leaves. πŸ˜‚ I wanted to do something cool for the background to match the petals, and had this leaf-y, mushroom frame but dropped it because it felt way too much.

Favorite Part: The hoodie

Least Favorite Part: The colors of the hair.


The resolution is not as great, something happened.

(Twitter sketch in the bottom.)

Uh so, I wanted to practice hands next, and watched some videos on how to draw them… But I messed up because I drew the wrong hand, but I already colored it and everything, so I kind of grew lazy and didn’t change it.

Also I had a hard time with this one because I drew the snake behind the dude, but the drawing had no balance, and looked really weird because there was a blank space right in front of him, so I had to redraw where I wanted the snake and it kind of worked out.

I was making this while I was reading Six of Crows and this was kind of inspired by that.

But yeah, my people are cartoon-y, I can’t draw anything realistic yet, I’m self-taught right now, and very lazy. But I’ll take a basic class this year, and hopefully I’ll be able to get into one of the drawing classes so I can learn something. No more left hands on right arms for me!!!! (I learned my lesson.)

Favorite Part: The outfit, haha.

Least Favorite Part: The snake, it’s so under-drawn.

Drowning in Tears

Sorry if this one doesn’t load, the resolution might be the issue.

(Twitter sketch in the bottom.)

This one was inspired after I watched The Ancient Magus’ Bride and saw one scene (which I won’t say for spoilers) and thought, “That’d be pretty to draw.” So I did. :3

So as the title suggests, this is Chise drowning in saddness. (Little angsty.)

This took me a lot longer because this was the last finished piece I drew (it’s been a month, I know) and was kind of in a drawing slump.

I didn’t know how to draw feet (you can kind of tell) so I kept looking at Pinterest pins of illustrated feet to draw them. πŸ˜€

My focus was flow in this one, but I kind of failed. (Why must you defy me, plants?!)

Favorite Part: The shirt and its ruffles.

Least Favorite Part: Lighting (not dark enough), leg angle with body, feet, arm positions, corner fish, background, centering, etc.

Gary Fanart

Uh, so I was trying to draw this person from a manga I read (I did the curly hair and the same smile) but then it looked like Gary from the game Ib, so I just ended up drawing him instead.

It’s pretty bad, haha. If you can see the date, it was back in July, and I was still unaccustomed to faces (I can do them better now… kinda). But my friend really liked it when I brought her my USB of art, and so I just plopped it on her desktop and said, “Here.”

I was trying to make a deranged smile, but it just looks funky. But my friend liked the smile because it was funky, and that made me feel better I suppose, so I now have the confidence to share this smile everywhere! (Not really, I didn’t want to add him here, but why not? You get to look at my less proud moments too, so you’re special.)

Behind him is a doll from one of the rooms of the game, I had to stare at this photo to get it right:

Garry trying to find the key in the doll stomachs...such a creepy part of the game
Credit: Pinterest

Favorite Part: The doll.

Least Favorite Part: Facial expression and lighting (not dark enough, and the highlights are weird in places), and neck to shoulders.

Persona 5 Fanart

So as I was playing P5, I saw the Take Your Time screen and said to another friend, “I’m going to draw that!” But wasn’t actually serious.

However, I needed something to draw last minute, and chose to draw it anyway.

I wasn’t really focusing on anything, I was just drawing this one for fun.

Favorite Part: Shadow detail.

Least Favorite Part: How loose everything feels, the hair, and the space between the eyes.

Little Witch

This one is my favorite piece out of all of them. I was inspired to draw this after I watched a Trigger Studios live drawing panel, and they were drawing things like Big Hero 6, Steven Universe, Little Witch Academia, and more.

So I kind of drew something like the Little Witch Academia art, and did it with an OC of a sort.

I was really happy with the lighting in this piece, which is why it’s my favorite, and was really glad with the outcome. It’s not perfect, but it’s probably one of my better ones color wise.

Favorite Part: Lighting, outfit, hair, and broom.

Least Favorite Part: Boots, legs, magic at the end of the broom, and the moon.


At first, I wasn’t trying when I drew this, which is why the face is so generic. But I did try with the background when I was focusing on texture, so it kind of looked okay.

I was just testing out different brushes I made, but they weren’t great for lineart, so I used them for the background and they worked pretty well.

Favorite Part: Background and its texture.

Least Favorite Part: Face, hair, and lighting of flower crown.

Inuyasha Fanart

Originally, I wasn’t going to put this on here, but it was the first real project I did digitally, so I thought it needed a bit of recognition.

I used the lineart tool to do this, and that’s why everything eventually looked really smooth. And I tried to go with the original art style as much as I could, but it didn’t really end that way. However I don’t really mind, I like that it’s different.

I used a lot of layers (which I’m trying not to do as much because of clutter) and so I can still see places where it’s unclean. All the extra layers made it hard to clean because I couldn’t tell where the mistake was.

But yeah, this was the first one I drew, and I thought it turned out pretty well because of the lighting. (The Tessaiga was the light source by the way.)

Favorite Part: Lighting and sword fluff.

Least Favorite Part: Head to neck, head to hair, ears, and the fact that his clothes aren’t as poofy as I wanted them to be. :<

Purple Eyes

I was just scrolling around Google for some good Sai brush settings, and stumbled on a sketch I really liked because of the head position and thought, “Hey, I can draw that too!” And challenged an artwork of pixels that I can draw something better than it. *Face palm*

I was going to have her hair in a ponytail and practice drawing people with their hair up, but as I was making the side hair (the part that would hang out of her ponytail) I liked the way it looked and decided to give her short hair instead. I almost gave her long hair, but went with short hair just because I thought it was cooler. πŸ˜‚

As you can guess from the title, my focus was the position of the eyes anywhere they looked. However it wasn’t really a challenge, so I just decided to put my effort in the hair. (And none of it on the clothing apparently, lol.)

There’s a bunch of cleaning issues, and I wanted the whole thing to look softer, but this was as soft as I could get it to look.

I only used one brush for the girl (I think) (excluding the shading and whatnot, that takes special brushes) and watercolor brushes for the background.

Favorite Part: Hair.

Least Favorite Part: Clothes.

Twitter Sketches and Others

I’m including the sketches I done in my sketchbook and then posted. Not the ones done on a the iPad, the resolution wasn’t great.


This is done now, but this photo is the not completed version.

A friend wanted a picture of Tamaki, and in exchange she’d draw me Keith from Voltron. So I’m not keeping this one, but maybe I’ll take a photo of the finished one and post it (?). If you want to see it that is, there’s not much of a difference other than a bit of cleaning and the fact that I shaded in his uniform.

I drew this when I hadn’t drawn anything for more than a week, and I needed something to create. Because I was so art hungry at the time, this was probably one of my more “aesthetic” ones. I used a bunch of references, but barely looked at them when I drew the hair. πŸ˜… I saw one photo and thought, “Okay, he has a swoop-y thing.” Then I just improvised. πŸ˜› (Hair, for me doesn’t usually end up like that, so I what you see is a one-time thing, haha.)

I was going to draw roses, like a border of them, but I’m not really good with roses yet, so I just put a little flower on the T of his name. (Also I thought it was too much so I went against it.)

I’m not keeping this one (I hardly keep drawings I do on loose paper), but I was kind of proud of it in the end.

Favorite Part: Hair and facial expression.

Least Favorite Part: Flow of outfit, left eye (the one hidden by his hair), mouth and chin alignment.

Yume Nikki’s Madotsuki

This one was inspired by the game Yume Nikki. I was playing it at the time and just finished my post about it. I haven’t drawn anything in a while, and the laptop was really annoying (still is) so I chose to draw in the sketchbook I had but never used.

Favorite Part: The braids on Madotsuki (middle).

Least Favorite Part: Monoe (lower right) and Madotsuki’s neck.

Mr. Lobster

I was just doodling a lobster… nothing too notable about it. I was practicing because I wanted to make a comic about the daily life of a lobster, but gave up in the end.

The legs aren’t short, he’s standing on them, what you see is his feet nubs.

Favorite Part: (Wait, are we really doing this for a lobβ€”) The tail.

Least Favorite Part: Claws.

Drowning in Tears Rough

As you can see, I wanted the ground to be covered in rocks and coral, but when I tried to draw them, it didn’t look as great, so I just cut them out entirely. Also the skirt is way lower now, as well as the arms.

Gloves Rough

I was just outlining the body and working on the hands (you can see they’re wrong). In the end I resized him a bunch and even changed the canvas size to fit the snake. (The snake was last minute, that’s why it’s not on here.)

The First Thing I Drew on the Tablet Ever

I’m just going to shrink this image…

Haha, this was just me testing out the sensitivity and brushes for the very first time, and I just wanted to draw something and, me still not knowing how to draw faces yet, tried my best.

Favorite Part: Uh… the cheeks.

Least Favorite Part: Neck to shoulder, wherever the eyes are staring at (they seem to be looking at something on his nose), and hair to head.

That’s all for now, this was fun, and took forever for me to put together, but I hope you appreciate it. And thanks for 600+!

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