Anime: Persona 5 Finally Gets a Series! (+ Mini Rant)

Hello! I'm back again with some more anime content! (Okay, yes, this is a filler post, but who cares?) Recently, well actually not really, I've made a She Games about Persona 5. (Still haven't played it a bunch yet, I'm working on that.) And as I tried to look if there was an animation out... Continue Reading →


Featured: Art Gallery Post + 600 Follower Milestone

Hello Okay, so, uh... I'm finally doing it you guys. I made this into a post! I've promised a very long time ago to feature my art on this blog (around when I had 200 followers), but I didn't want to because I didn't really think it was good at the time, and I was... Continue Reading →

She Games: Laptop/PC Gaming

Hello Now, confession time, I'm probably not the most qualified person you should come to. So, be warned, haha. But I had talked it over with my friend over at Angelwings5700, who I blame for getting me into RPGs, and she helped me come up with a bunch of ideas (*mumbles* and also the internet helped... Continue Reading →

The Handwriting Tag!

Thank You! I was tagged again by Sam @ RiverMoose-Reads for another fun tag! This was a really neat one, so I just had to do it! My handwritting is usually terrible, but for this post, I managed to be legible for all of you. (Took one failed try.) Rules: Copy what it says in... Continue Reading →

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