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The Diabolic: Nemesis is a diabolic. A humanoid created and bred by man to be a ruthless killing machine. Diabolics have no mercy. They have no compassion. They are to only ever feel love to those they have been bonded to. When the human that is bonded to the diabolic is ever killed or threatened, the diabolic will eliminate the other party to soothe their master.

Sidonia is the daughter of Senator von Impyrean who’s a heretic who loves defying the Emperor. She is in constant danger due to her father’s actions and requires Nemesis’s immediate reaction into keeping her safe.

However, as one of Senator von Impyrean’s actions cause Sidonia to be called to the Imperial Court, Nemesis is called to go instead. Disguised as the heir of the Impyreans, Nemesis willingly goes as Sidonia to save her life. But the court is more twisted then she has ever imagined, and Nemesis finds herself torn between the protection of her master and her future as a possible Empress.


I loved it, just putting it out there. I loved almost everything to do with it, despite some of the negative comments on Goodreads.

The writing was phenomenal. I can imagine how hard it is to center a book (in first person) around a character with no emotion whatsoever. First you’d have to find ways that she’ll entertain the reader, then you’d need to create a personality around someone who can’t possibly have one in the first place. I really enjoyed the building of Nemesis, and I liked seeing her humanity coming out true. After all, she was treated as an animal, a pet, for most of her life. The author doesn’t let her past environment dispel Nemesis away from wanting to feel equal above the rest of the humans. A minor detail, but one that I held onto most in the book.

Everyone wants power. That topic stayed with me. Power was either used for good or for evil. But others had none of it at all. Nemesis felt as though she didn’t have power to any life, because her destiny was already chosen for her. But when you put her through the traumatic ordeal that is grief of her loved one (can’t tell you who, no spoilers) she realizes that there is a possibility that there is more to her life than anyone ever anticipated. So she uses this to take back her power over her destiny, and seeks to right the empire alongside Tyrus.

I liked Tyrus. I really did. He was so cunning and was ten steps ahead of the enemy. He knew what he was doing, and had a plan for everything. One problem I encountered was trusting him. During the beginning I wholeheartedly could! And even during the middle. It wasn’t until we get to the point of the climax, and much into the falling action, that I felt nothing toward him.

Which leads me to the ending. I was very stoic at first. Then, shock. Everything starts to rain down and you don’t know what to believe anymore and THE FEELS ARE EVERYWHERE! I didn’t know whether to throw the book or to continue and pace my room. It was that suspenseful. I couldn’t contain any of the feels, they just sort of pour out of you at that moment.

I was still satisfied with how well the book played out. It was utter brilliance, and my astonishment with the standalone after completing it just stayed with me for a long while. Overall, not many people seemed to have enjoyed this book, but you have my stamp of approval to read it.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

More: I really did hope you enjoyed reading about my views on the book. It was really quite amazing, and I do hope that you all would enjoy it if you ever pick it up. If you want more on S. J. Kincaid, then pay her site a visit, I’m sure she’d appreciate it. If you enjoyed this review, give a little Like to me below. If you want more reviews like this one, Follow my site and I’ll make plenty more for you! For now, continue reading my friends!

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  1. Wow! Great review! Your review makes me really want to read this book! Tyrus sounds like a smart character if he’s usually 10 steps ahead of the enemy. I like when characters are clever and think ahead. I also like the suspense too. Glad you had a great read!

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