About Me

Hello! I’m Icebreaker.


As you can probably tell, I love to blog. It’s almost been two years already since I’ve stared to blog and I’m continuing to make posts about all the things that I love. I mainly base them around YA books, manga, anime, games, or anything else of interest. Yet, I’m still growing my site each week with something new! I hope to continue expanding my content for all of you to enjoy!

I have reviews posted up every Friday, either YA or manga, and I scatter tags, discussions, lists, updates, and weekly memes whenever possible. Most of my posts are up during Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, but sometimes, if I have something extra to share, I’ll post on weekends.

I like to reference a lot of quotes or memes from lots of different fandoms, so be warned if I start to become a full-on fangirl. 😄 I am always up for a little bit of a mini-rant/discussion in the comments, so knock yourself out and don’t be afraid to talk about some of your favorite things too. If you must know, a few things that I’m currently forever into are Sherlock, The Infernal Devices, Over the Garden Wall, ACOTAR, Ghibli films, Disney films, Marvel, anything with Superman, Parks & Rec., YOI, JRPG Horror, Anime, Webcomics, Voltron, Camp Camp, Animation Shorts, Doctor Who, and much, much more.

When I’m not blogging, I’m usually watching some random videos on YouTube, trying to catch up on the best books available, scrolling through new anime, or sleeping near a cat. (Just find your nearest cat and I’ll be there.)

I hope to get to know all you on here, so please Follow, Like, and Comment!

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*In case I forget, Gifs are found on Giphy.com. Blog background and my user icon are found from Google Images. Book cover images are all from Goodreads (some Google). Graphics were made from Canva. And I give my lovely friend the credit for the header of this blog.*

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