Five Best Book Boyfriends! (Valentine’s Day Special)

Hey! ❤ It's Valentine's Day! Aka the loneliest day of the year for all the single people! 🙂 But don't feel down! Just look towards a nice book to cheer you up! So here is a list of my top five best book boyfriends on this Valentine's Day! #1 Will Herondale, TID Series Just look at... Continue Reading →


It’s The End Of The World!

Maybe you've heard, but in Ghostbusters II when Bill Murray was interviewing two people, they had a premonition as to when the end of the world was. One of them said that she believed it would come 2/14/16. Happens to be that tomorrow (or now cause it's 2:48 am) is the end of the world.... Continue Reading →

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