Anime: Overview of Things I Haven’t Made Posts About

Hello! I have not done this is so long, it's been awhile. I have been slacking off so much, and I haven't been bringing the best content. (Other than tags for the book side of my blog.) Haha, I've actually been playing/watching many games and shows that'd be perfect to make other posts about. And... Continue Reading →

Anime First Impressions: My Hero Academia

Hello! I haven't done one of these posts in awhile. 🙂 I'm going to be quite busy this week, but I have some posts scheduled on hand for you guys, so there's nothing really to worry about. I have no announcements today so, let's get on with the post! My Hero Academia Thoughts BEFORE Watching:... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Kaichou-kun no Shimobe

Volume Count: 4 Volumes Kaichou-kun no Shimobe: Hirayama is a quiet girl who would rather spend her days with fictional characters than actual people. No really. She's a die-hard otaku that writes doujinshi online, goes to conventions, watches anime 24/7, and doodles anime characters while at school. She likes to be a hermit too, and... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Karakuri Odette

Volume Count: 6 Volumes Karakuri Odette: Odette is an android created by the genius Professor Yoshizawa. Her appearance is close to a human's, but she wants to understand what it is like to truly become human. So she decides to go to high school and study humans up close. She may try to live normally,... Continue Reading →

Anime First Impressions: Silver Spoon

Hello! I'm back with another anime first impressions! Sorry I haven't probably written as many as I should, I haven't been watching anything new, really. But I'm trying to remedy that by starting a new anime, even though I have plenty more I need to finish first. I digress. Hope you enjoy this post! Silver... Continue Reading →

Comic Spotlight: The Kao

Hi~! I wanted to post another Spotlight for y'all, so I searched around the web for some old comics I used to read on Pinterest. Turns out, they're all on Tapastic, so I had a binge fest! (I had too much time on my hands...) I wanted to bring attention to one comic in particular... Continue Reading →

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