Anime First Impressions: Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

  Hello! I'm sorry I don't make enough anime posts! I probably make at least 2 posts of anything anime in a month. I'm going to be a bit busier now that class has started up again, and I don't know if I'll find the time to watch as many shows as I did before,... Continue Reading →


Romance Fails In Fiction Choice Tag!

Thank you! I want to thank one of my blogger friends, Kate @ Meltingpotsandothercalamities for tagging me to do her original tag a long time ago. I really need to clean my draft cache. 😅 The Rules: Please PINGBACK to me at Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities. Or just Kate. And PINGBACK TO A... Continue Reading →

Anime First Impressions: Silver Spoon

Hello! I'm back with another anime first impressions! Sorry I haven't probably written as many as I should, I haven't been watching anything new, really. But I'm trying to remedy that by starting a new anime, even though I have plenty more I need to finish first. I digress. Hope you enjoy this post! Silver... Continue Reading →

T10T: Things I Want To See More In Books (Reading Wishlist)

Top Ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. #1 Time Travel #2 Cats These are my weird cats... I-I don't know anymore.  #3 Magic #4 Superheroes #5 A Great Villain #6 Epic Heroines #7 Relatables #8 Comedy #9 Bromance #10 Fandom References Follow Me Twitter and Goodreads

Anime First Impressions: RWBY

Hello! I'm doing something a bit different from regular reviews; instead it'll be a little post series called Anime First Impressions! This is where I share my before thoughts of watching an anime, then talk about what I thought of it after. Okay, maybe it is a review, in a way, but just bear with... Continue Reading →

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