Fierce Fangirl Friday: Black Panther!

Yooo! I didn't think I'd make another one of these, let alone one on such short notice. But I just ame back from watching Black Panther, and felt it needed a post made about it. 😀 Fierce Fangirl Friday is a weekly meme created by  Jackie @ Too Much of a Book Nerd! Go and visit the... Continue Reading →


Review: His Romance of 500 Years

Volume Count: 1 Volume His Romance of 500 Years: In the year 2010, Torao Yamada jumps off a building after he learns of the death of the one he loves. 250 years later, he wakes up in a room that resembles his own, and to an android that resembled the person he died for. He... Continue Reading →

Series Review: No. 6

Volume Count: 9 Volumes No. 6: Shion has been sheltered all his life in the utopian city he knows as No. 6. After several wars broke out, the destruction to the Earth became apparent and so the people created six perfect cities where everyone's needs are met. However one day Shion ends up seeing a... Continue Reading →

Review: The Love Interest

The Love Interest: Grown up in a secret organization of spies, Caleb was taught that the only way to survive out of the LIC is to have your Chosen fall in love with you. Ever since then, he's been preparing himself physically for the day when the LIC finically releases him to the outside world.... Continue Reading →

Series Review: Karakuri Odette

Volume Count: 6 Volumes Karakuri Odette: Odette is an android created by the genius Professor Yoshizawa. Her appearance is close to a human's, but she wants to understand what it is like to truly become human. So she decides to go to high school and study humans up close. She may try to live normally,... Continue Reading →

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