Anime: Persona 5 Finally Gets a Series! (+ Mini Rant)

Hello! I'm back again with some more anime content! (Okay, yes, this is a filler post, but who cares?) Recently, well actually not really, I've made a She Games about Persona 5. (Still haven't played it a bunch yet, I'm working on that.) And as I tried to look if there was an animation out... Continue Reading →


She Games: Yume Nikki—The Mother of RPG Maker Horror Games

Hello I've been looking for more games to share, and remembered the one game that may have started the genre of JRPG Horror games in RPG Maker. Now, when I say that the game I will discuss is peculiar, I'm not lying. I've been told that Yume Nikki would be a very odd game, and... Continue Reading →

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