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Blog Updates: Stuff I Need To Do

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I have recently gotten a Tumblr. Yes, I’m one of those people who are weird on the internet, have you read my blog? I hear it’s pretty weird. This icebreaker character is so strange. My site’s pretty weird as it is on there, don’t judge.

I also now share a Twitter with someone else. I post the most random things on there, I’m protecting you by not linking my account. Seriously, it’s pretty weird, I don’t even know how I appear normal to people anymore. Aaaaaaanyyyy whoooo… I was wondering what other accounts you have, so please take the poll below.


Sorry I’m not posting very much, I thrive on tags and I’m not being tagged for anything yet, but I am making some more! I have only seen like 3 variations of my name. It’s either spelled differently or it’s close to my name but it still isn’t. My name isn’t super common but I know other people with my name. (I know 1…2.. 3… 3 people with my name.) So, I am curious if any of you have seen your name yet. So be my guest, (now I’m thinking about Beauty & the Beast when I say that) and take the poll below.

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