Cover Reveal: Break the Line by Allison Mullinax

Hello I am here again with some more special posts. This time, I'm participating in another event, and it's a cover reveal for a brand new book. (Meaning as of today, no one else has yet seen the cover.) Make sure to click on the links provided for you below to view the author. (Links... Continue Reading →


New Release: The Dire King

Update: We have a cover! And it's glorious! Save the date for August 22, 2017! If you don't, then you'll miss the release of the 4th installment of the Jackaby series! The Dire King: The thrilling conclusion to the New York Times best-selling series the Chicago Tribune called “Sherlock Holmes crossed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer”... Continue Reading →

Upcomings: Fireblood

Update: I found the cover for the next book in the Frostblood Saga! I still have to read the first book, but I heard a lot of great hype going around it. It made me excited for the second book's release! So far, the publication date is recorded as September 12th of this year. Hope... Continue Reading →

Upcomings: The Love Interest

Update: Yay! Who's excited for new books? I know I most certainly am! More importantly, who's excited for The Love Interest? I hope you said yes, because it comes out on May 17th! The Love Interest: There is a secret organization that cultivates teenage spies. The agents are called Love Interests because getting close to people... Continue Reading →

Upcomings: A Court of Wings and Ruin

Update: I hope you are all excited! I sure am because Sarah J. Maas finally released the cover to ACOWAR!! *Puts on sunglasses for effect* It's so cool!! The glitter! Anyway, stay tuned for May 2nd because that's the day this beauty will be out on the shelves! Looming war threatens all Feyre holds dear in... Continue Reading →

“What Cats Do” Book Tag!

Thank you! I'd love to thank the amazing Kate @ MeltingPotsAndCalamities, who gave me this tag when I need it the most!! I absolutely love cats, I guess that's no secret, so enjoy this tag! Rules If you do this tag please credit me at Kate@ meltingpotsandothercalamities Answer the questions And tag as many people as you... Continue Reading →

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