She Games: Alice Mare—A Spin on Eerie Fairy Tales

Hello! Yup. From this post alone, you can see that I've been gaming again. Recently, I've actually been looking into a lot of the games I used to watch, and have been trying to play some of them for you. With Alice Mare, I've actually decided not to finish watching any Let's Plays and just... Continue Reading →


She Games: The Gray Garden—The Most Adorable RPG Ever

Hello! *Nervous laughter* So remember what I said about taking a break about She Games? Yeah... Turns out I couldn't take a break from it after all. (>_<) Ah well, I'm sure you'll still enjoy this post anyhow. 🙂 The Gray Garden **This will be a spoiler free review only. (With brief background info on... Continue Reading →

She Games: Mystic Messenger—The Sweet Conclusion To Jaehee’s Route

Hello! Ack! I know! I've been posting She Games posts too close together. I assure you, I'll try to even them out later on. This will be the last She Games post for awhile. (Sad I know, lemme cry with you.) I don't really plan these sorts of posts, I just write them on a... Continue Reading →


Blog Updates: Stuff I Need To Do

Hello! Originally, since I had nothing to post about, I was going to do a tag, but then I grew lazy and didn't want to bother, so I made a random update post! And this that post *gestures to large graphic* as you can see... This is basically what the title implies, a Note-to-Self post... Continue Reading →


She Games: Persona 5—The Game That’s Strangely Addictive

Hello I'm back with another post episode of She Games and today I have a game that I'd love to talk, rage, rant, and fangirl about. (Really all my She Games posts are a mix of ranting and fangirling, so it's nothing you haven't seen before, but this is another game to showcase, so it'll probably... Continue Reading →


She Games: Mystic Messenger—The Game That Makes You Lose Sleep

Hello As you probably know from my previous She Games post, I'm currently playing Mystic Messenger to review for y'all. (Not actually reviewing, but close enough.) (Sorry, but I don't have any screenshots to share. Not just because of spoilers, but I don't tend to take screenshots a lot.) Mystic Messenger Trailer (English) (I... Continue Reading →


She Games: I’d Never Thought It Would Come to This

Hello! I'm icebreaker, your weird friend, keeper of books, watcher of anime, and all-time goofball. So what is this post? What are you doing now? Well, I've decided to expand my blog to games. I can hear your angry cries. Don't get me wrong, I'll post my regular stuff! This post in particular is just about... Continue Reading →


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