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Unspoken: Kami Glass has lived in Sorry-in-the-Vale all her life. There are secrets that her town harbors that she is not yet aware of, so she sets out to uncover them all. However when she asks around, her neighbors’ responses aren’t always the warmest. Everyone has secrets. But nobody will trust a high school journalist who talks to an imaginary friend every day with any of them.

Ever since she was little, there’s always been a voice in her head spurring her on. That voice is named Jared. Everyone around Kami has written it off as a phase, but they look at her strangely when she stares at walls and talks to herself. Now, Kami decides to keep Jared a close secret, just like all the other secrets her town likes to keep from her.

When the family founder of Sorry-in-the-Vale return, strange killings occur. The townsfolk have always been afraid of the Lynburns because it was rumored that they had magic. Still Kami goes to investigate further to find out what’s been striking the animals and people so deeply.

Then she comes face to face with a Lynburn named Jared. But it’s crazy, right? Jared is imaginary, yet here he is. Kami has to come to terms with this new development while they try to investigate the strange murders of the town. Only, can she fully trust a Lynburn despite their bad reputation with death?

Review: I really enjoyed the first book!

All of the characters had entertaining comebacks that made me laugh aloud. It was probably the most entertaining part of the book other than the pretty exciting plot that I’ll get to soon.

“Sassy Gothic” (a term stated by the author) really played a huge role on the book. About Ninty-five percent of each character was sass. XD And I loved every bit.

It actually made the characters a lot more likable for me. A few, take Kami for instance, seemed wishy-washy. Only for the fact that she kind of didn’t really make her feelings clear to the two male lead roles, so both of them were kinda interested in her. She didn’t really help with things sometimes, but you can see where her thoughts lay, so it’s not like she’s leading anyone on on purpose.

Her sarcastic attitude is what made me like her a lot more. (Though Queen of Sass really goes to best girl: Angela. XD) It made her a more fun character to read, and I just overly enjoyed all the characters because of the amounts of attitude they all had.

There’s some pretty strong supporting characters too, like Angela. She and her brother Rusty were echoes of me, and I found that I loved them both because of how I related to them. XD (I could take naps anywhere.)

The story was very fascinating too, because it mixed magic and reality. (Urban-fantasy is one of my favorite genres because of this.) The magic doesn’t play until later, but there are many hints of it throughout the book.

The story doesn’t play completely on magic however. It plays more on mystery. There are a lot of holes in Sorry-in-the-Vale that Kami wants to clear up. You start to suspect everybody you meet and try to connect the clues together yourself. The outcome is pretty surprising as well, I never could have predicted it.

The writing is kind of dark, but it does have more of that gothic feel. I felt that a few times in the book. Some scenes felt less gothic than others, more modern, but that dark and brooding feeling never leaves.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. There’s some flaws that I probably didn’t cover because I took a long break from reading the book then came back to it, but you can read it for yourself and decide! And if you’re a fan of any shadowhunter books, this is quite similar in regards to writing style and mood, so I’m sure you’ll find ways to enjoy it. 🙂

Rating: ❄❄❄❄❄

More: Thanks for reading! Comment below if you read this, or are interested, on the fence, or dislike it. I like all book talks and be glad to discuss! I didn’t put Mood Music for this post, but I felt like the OST for Made in Abyss felt right for this book. Please go check out more from Sarah Rees Brennan and visit her site! That’s all for now, and remember, don’t walk into the woods in the middle of the night like Kami, or else you’ll turn into a protagonist of a story.

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