Blog Updates: Mini-Hiatus

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As of Sunday, I’ll be away from the internet (well, my blog, not the entirety of the internet) and won’t be around.

I’ll be on vacation! 😀

I may have a post planned or two during the week, I’m still unsure, I just won’t be around to maintenance it.

Once I get back, hopefully I’ll be able to provide you with some more content!

But I’d like to share my ideas, and want to hear your thoughts on them. 🙂

Upcoming Post Ideas


  1. Sub or Dub: Part 2
  2. More Terms that Every Anime Fan Should Know (Part 2)
  3. Anime I Haven’t Finished All the Way Through the 1st Season
  4. Types of Dere (I found out I never did a post on this… Why didn’t I?)
  5. (April Fools) Top 10 Anime of All Time or Top 10 Anime Betrayals (It’s not going to be a serious post, I’ll just tell you that.)


  1. Fausts Alptraum
  2. The Crooked Man
  3. Top 10 RPG Maker/Wolf Editor Games
  4. Spotlight Post (Thinking this should be for Life is Strange)
  5. Things You SHOULD Do in Stardew Valley


  1. Top Time Travel Books
  2. Unspoken Review (Maybe)
  3. Timekeeper Review (Probably going to just take the one form my Goodreads and make it a post)


  1. How to draw Comics (I’m still figuring this out though…) (It’s hard formatting different types, I’ll teach one thing.)


  1. Where To Find Good Comics (aka Web ones, books ones, etc.)

Also I want to do another interview sometime. I don’t have anyone in mind right now.

This is just ideas I threw around in my head. I’m the least motivated person I know. 😅 I want to step up on these, but I either need more info in general, or the pep to make these. Hopefully I’ll get in the right mood for them all (it’s what the Mood Music helps with). Either way, have a fun break if you’re on Spring break already.


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7 thoughts on “Blog Updates: Mini-Hiatus

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    1. Yes 5!! (I’m going to have a lot of fun with that one. :3) Ooh, and I’ll get to one and three too, thanks! I’m glad you like the ideas, this helps a lot for when I get back! 😀


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