Fierce Fangirl Friday: Black Panther!



I didn’t think I’d make another one of these, let alone one on such short notice. But I just ame back from watching Black Panther, and felt it needed a post made about it. 😀

Fierce Fangirl Friday is a weekly meme created by  Jackie @ Too Much of a Book Nerd! Go and visit the links to view her page.


1. the reaction a fangirl has to any mention or sighting of the object of her “affection”. These reactions include shortness of breath, fainting, highpitched noises, shaking, fierce headhaking as if in the midst of a seizure, wet panties, endless blog posts, etc.

2. a gathering of two or more fangirls in which they proceed to waste endless amounts of time ogling, discussing/arguing, stalking, etc. the object of their “affection”

Okay I got the mood music for this

Black Panther

Oh you bet I’ll attempt at making fanart for this.

Key word: attempt.

Image result
Credit: Google Images

This movie is just amazing. I can’t tell you enough of how I was at this movie. Everything about it’s action, to character portrayals was just great!!!

AND I CAN’T GET PASSED ALL THAT VISUAL ANIMATION! It was pretty good to say the least. :3


This soundtrack is utterly stunning! I couldn’t help but bounce a bit to it. It was comprised of everything I loved with rap and electro, but it had so much more to it. Especially the song in the credits! That one truly left me impressed and I found it had to resist dancing to it. XD

The Comedy

It was very subtle. But it was still there. I appreciated some of the jokes and references made, especially Stan Lee’s cameo. Despite what my companions who went with me to see this said, I thought the old joke references were kinda funny. It doesn’t mean everyone will though. They are old jokes after all.

But there were some golden comedy moments thrown in. And if you can spot them when you venture out to see this film, make sure you keep your ears peeled for it!

Black Panther, Falcon, and Captain America Discussing Cats! XD Hahaha!!! - Captain America: Civil War #T'Challa #SamWilson #SteveRogers
Credit: Pinterest


YAS to all of them!

My favorite character, if I had to choose one, was T’challa’s sister, Shuri.

Yet all of them, even the antag, Erik (who had hints of this), struck me with having that kind of “Captain America appeal” to help others. It might not be for the right reasons, and it might cause a stir with other people and countries, but the choice to either help or die trying is relevant throughout the film.

Most of the characters want to help, but are unable to, because unlike Cap, they have the futures of other people to think about. Helping other countries with the advanced technology they had could end up endangering them, or worse, giving the wrong people those certain advancements.

But all in all, no matter what choices they make, the characters decide to fight for making amends to their problems. And given that, I felt a lot of characters develop in the film.

Logic? (Tiny spoilers)

I think by this point that you understand that there is none. XD

Okay, this was actually pointed out with whom I went to the film with, but I’m going to put these here with my own alterations (because I found more evidence), because I do agree with them.

Some of the problem in this movie is the technology itself. While I understand that vibranium is a substance that contains energy and can manipulate it, the way how it’s presented in the film makes it seem like it’s as powerful as an infinity stone. Maybe not as powerful, but with the properties it has, it’s pretty close.

Captain America’s shield is the same substance, yet it all it does is repel the blows Cap receives by manipulating that kinetic energy. This case is the same for in Black Panther, but they alter the ore to appear glowing. This hints to the power in the substance and that’s okay, viewers may need that little reminder, but vibranium does much more in this movie than protect people from brute force like Cap.

Vibranium here seems like an all-powerful substance, like the tesseract which was hunted down by Loki in The Avengers and was used as a weapon. The change in how vibranium was used in this was kind of a shocking difference. Still I haven’t taken it to account how it was used in other films, which is quite similar.

I still thought it was an interesting subject to touch on because this was one of the big discussions I had about the movie with my friend.

But it was still interesting to see what could be made out of it, and the ideas behind the movie’s design choose to use it.

Credit: Yahoo Images

Final Thoughts

Go watch this film! It’s defiantly worth your time, I really enjoyed it and was glad I made it the day it premiered at my theater.

I only wished that the characters had more of an introduction. Kinda like an origin story that wasn’t just hinted at. All of these characters had potential, and it’s kinda sad that we don’t get to learn too much about their pasts or relationships with other characters.

But if you’re a big Marvel fan who doesn’t miss a single movie and watches the films to the very end of the credits, this movie is for you.

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