TTT: My Favorite Non-Canon Ships of All Time (Valentine’s Day)

Top Ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. As always this list is in no particular order.

You all know who I ship that’s canon. If not, just let me refresh your brain on all the Tessa x Will Herondale moments I’ve been spouting about for the last 2 years. XD

But I have ships that aren’t canon too.

Okay, so, I have reached the point of no return in these shippings. XD I doubt a lot of you will agree to anything I put here. They’re probably going to seem like trash ships to you, but they were either ships I considered or just my non-canon OTPs. But that’s the fun in shipping, it’s just a couple that you like.

I know my ships won’t ever be canon, but that’s kinda the fun in non-canon shipping. You get to let your imagination speak for itself.

NO MORE SECRET SHIPS! YOU FIND OUT TODAY! So without further ado, let’s get on it.


Oh just some sweet…


'I've got your back' Help I'm being drug into a new I have to learn…
Credit: Elentori

Okay, so here’s the thing.

I shipped them way before I actually started watching Voltron. XD I just stumbled upon their ship and really liked it. Then I kept shipping them until I finally watched the show. After season 1, I am fully committed to this ship. XD

The only problem is, is that I spoiled the entire series of Voltron and now it hurts my heart to try and continue it, because I know what happens. ;-;

(I just want happiness for all of them. ;-; Season 5, don’t mess this up.)


A recent ship I’ve seen, but don’t really mind jumping on board is…

Icy Hot x Broccolli

Todoroki/Midoriya ♥ Boku no Hero Academia
Credit: Pinterest

I started shipping Todoroki and Deku more towards season two of My Hero Academia. This was a ship that was introduced to me by my friends before I even started watching S2 yet.

When I first saw Todoroki encounter Deku in the second season, my brain remembered the ship that existed between them and thought, “I can totally see it now.” XD

I knew I liked Todoroki in season 1, but there’s a lot more build up to his character in 2, and I just kinda thought all the fanart of him and Deku were cute. :3


Yet I’m still a huge fan of…

Deku x Ochaco

Credit: destiny-hoodie.tumblr

I shipped these two in season 1 way before I got into Torodeku. I still ship them a lot, and one of the episodes (was it the third to last of season 2?) fed into my ship. :3

I don’t normally multi-ship with the same person involved, because I feel like that person is cheating in a way like, “Nyo! It’s not fair for the other person” kind of thing.

But I’m kinda fine with either ship, and I ship both of them to the same degree.

(They’re so cute, just look!)


But what I really think is great is…

Yusuke x Akira

(Not calling Akira Ren just yet.)

Credit: Pinterest

Okay, if I was to actually have a main ship in Persona 5, it’d be them. I don’t need any other ships to run on. XD (Well I have another one below.)

All my IRL friends who play Persona also ship these two, so it’s a great bonding experience.

There are different Persona ships, and I’m not completely against them, I just don’t necessarily ship them. For example, I think Makoto is best girl, and I do think there are lots of moments when she and Akira can be a couple. Also you can actually have a relationship with her in the game (I’m still deciding, I heard she doesn’t have great perks with hers though. I’m trying to decide what’ll help me most in the game) but I don’t really put that much thought into their ship.

If only Yusuke was a route… C’mon Atlus, I know you can do it.

Persona 5 || Akira And Yusuke
Credit: Pinterest

If anyone asks… this is the post that killed me. XD (I kinda gasped really loud when I saw it, because I just thought, “YES!“)


A friend introduced me to this ship, and I agreed with it, it’s…

Ann x Shiho

P5 Ann and Shiho by tolbyccia on tumblr
Credit: Pinterest

As I played P5 the first time with a friend, she introduced me to the Ann x Shiho ship. I’m kinda glad too, because it’s not really that much of a clear ship until you reach Ann’s confidant where she only talks about Shiho. (She mentions Shiho like Morgana mentions sleep. Which is a lot.)

It’s a good ship, the only wish I had was that Atlus built up Shiho’s character more so the ship will remain. Shiho only appears during the first palace, and Ann’s confidant, but that’s only a tenth of the game. I wish she had more of a role later on to sustain my ship.


But let’s not forget…


Aaaaa this is beautiful
Credit: Pinterest

This is what I ship next to Victuri (I kinda believe it has canon hints so it’s not on this list).

If anyone has seen Welcome to the Madness, a video short of Yurio’s performance in the DVD release of Yuri on Ice, then you’d know that that one video just fed into this ship for me.

Otabek makes an appearance in there, and phew I’m glad he does because that cameo was epic. XD


It’s crazy this ship isn’t a thing yet…

Lucy x Wyatt

16 Reasons We're Shipping Wyatt and Lucy on Timeless
Credit: Pinterest

Ever since I started watching this show (Timeless), I immediately shipped Wyatt and Lucy. Like, how can you not?! It’s pretty impossible.

It’s near canon, but not yet. And hopefully once a season 2 is made and aired, it’ll come true. 😀


A ship I considered…

Nina x Inej

More colored sketches. Eat your hearts out Ninej shippers.
Credit: @CryingManlyTears

This was a ship that just popped into my head as I was reading Crooked Kingdom. Like I already high key shipped Inej with Kaz and Matthias with Nina, but the thought stayed there. I just continued to low key think they’d have a strong relationship as a couple, but they’re just as good as friends too. 🙂


C’mon! I think this is cute…

Ted x Chris

Chris and Ted by Z-T00N
Credit: Z-toon

These bois have gone through a ton of changes as this comic (Kid n Teenagers) by Z-Toon progressed. But no matter how their personalities have changed, the ship never will. XD


Space parents XD…


Allura / Shiro
Credit: Elentori

Do I need a valid reason to ship these two? XD

The whole scenario is that Allura is Space Mom and Shiro (our!Shiro) is Space Dad. Together they make the perfect space parents taking care of their paladin kids.

naridoodles:  “ space fam  ”
Credit: Cindersart.tumblr

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    1. It’s hard to avoid spoilers, especially for a show with a large fandom such as Voltron. I want to continue watching. I know a lot of stuff happens in season 2, I don’t know if I’m prepared for it. 😅 But I will give it a try! Maybe soon since season 5 is so close.

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