Anime: You Can Now Recommend Me Anime!


I very briefly mentioned this in my last post, but I‘m looking for some good anime that I can hopefully make posts about!

I’m still unsure about the type of posts they’ll be featured in, but I’m leaning towards reviews and/or lists at the moment. 🙂 I will put some more thought into this later, but I’d like to know what you like as well and what you want to see on this blog.

So please, give me some recommendations! You can send as many requests to me as you want! And you can recommend me anything you want (except for one thing, but I make that clear in the form).

If you need a good idea of what I’ve already seen, then go to my Watched Anime page to see whether or not I’ve already watched the anime you had in mind. 🙂 There is one flaw to that list though. I only put down the anime that I’ve finished at least one season. With knowing that, I might make a post soon about shows I’ve watched but still need to finish. 🙂

I’ve gotten a couple of recommendations so far, and I want to thank those who’ve already sent me something! I’ll also pin this post on my Twitter later so that you’ll have the form link. (Right now I only put the link there, but I want to include this post too.)

So fill out the form below!

(If the embedded form doesn’t work, the link for the form is here.)

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6 thoughts on “Anime: You Can Now Recommend Me Anime!

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    1. Ah, thank you fo the recs! I’ve wanted to start MMO Junkie for the longest time, but was waiting until I had the time to binge it all. And I’ve wanted to get into Yona, but wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I’ll certainly give it another go! Also I’ve seen a bunch of clips of My Love Story, and it also looks pretty good, I’ll have to watch it. 🙂 Thanks again, I really appreciate this!

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    1. Thanks for the recs! And you can recommend thrillers with the google form! That’s totally fine. I’m curious at what people want me to watch. It doesn’t have to be based off of my list. (Also I’m currently watching FMA right now and it’s pretty good!) Again, thank you for the recs! 😀

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