Series Review: Demon Diary

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Volume Count: 7 Volumes

Demon Diary: A young thief wielding the name of a demon lord is brought to the realm of the demons to rule over them. However, being raised amongst humans means that he’s a little unfit for the position. The other lords see him as an innocent 15 year old boy without a single bad bone in his body. How can he live up to the demon lord quota?

Raenef is truly unskilled in the ways of evil, so that’s why he needs a proper mentor to guide him. Eclipse is famous for serving under the previous Raenef lords, and is one of the most powerful demons there is, but his patience is being tested every single day he has to stay with that puppy-eyed young lord!

Will Raenef become a proper demon? Or will he be known as the mushiest lord there ever was?

Review: This was a really entertaining series!

Filled with a lot of slapstick comedy and cute characters, Demon Diary is a fluff-fest of fun. (Ack, try saying that ten times fast.) This series was surprisingly cute, especially once you get deeper into it. At first, the story wasn’t really sold on me, the first volume wasn’t as connected with the true story, but was still enjoyable enough for me to read the next volume. I’d say the story got better with each volume, and the jokes became funnier.

Erutis was somehow my favorite character. She was the most comical, at least to me, and underrated character next to Leeche. I wish there was more background information on her besides her once being a mercenary and currently being a swordmaster. I think what made her more appealing to the audience is her semi-aggressive attitude. (More so with Krayon. Poor guy.)

Chris was another character who liked to pick a fight. Luckily, we find out a lot about his past, and random excepts about his future. However, there was supposedly something about his past that was mentioned that would resurface, but it seemed like that topic was dropped. His past wasn’t totally forgotten to the audience, and he kind of makes that clear, but (it’s hard to explain without spoiling, so I’m sorry if this is spoiling) he was supposed to remember about his past, but didn’t. He was tied up with the ending okay, but that part of his past will still remain a mystery to him.

Raenef was an innocent little cinnamon roll. He isn’t the smartest person in the world, but he gets by with what he has. His dynamic with Eclipse certainly changes him for the better, and Eclipse can’t also deny that the puppy-eyed lord hasn’t impacted him. I loved seeing these two together, Eclipse would let Raenef off easy because of his simple demeanor, and Raenef would wander off and cause all sorts of trouble for him. There will be a lot of tests in the future for them, but they would eventually learn to fight their battles together.

The art style is much different from Angel Diary (a series that’s separate from demon diary, but just shares a likeness in the title). The art looked much older and had a lot more panels with simpler drawings of the characters. (I’d call it chibi if it were a Japanese manga, but I don’t know the Korean term for it.) However, I grew accustomed to it later on and even started to enjoy it.

A lot more developments happen towards the end, and some may confuse you just reading it once, but it concluded nicely, tying up a few loose ends. (I want to know what becomes of Leeche though! I thought she said she’ll be back. T_T)

There was also a surprising amount of fourth wall breaking. The characters would refer back to the earlier manuscripts or even shout out to the author. I can’t recall the last manga I’ve read that left me this entertained. (There’s probably one out there that made me laugh more, but I can’t remember.)

Overall, I had a fun time reading through this. At first, I didn’t think it was for me, but I really enjoyed it despite my original thoughts. I hope you can like it too!

Rating: ❄❄❄.75

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      1. A lot of slash on FanFiction.Net. By a lot, I mean that I only found about 400 fanfics written at all, and even fewer for the subjects and relationships I was looking for. I think I was in the middle of a fanfiction kick when I went looking for them, but I haven’t looked at those fics in about a year. The ones I looked at mostly focused on slightly more nuanced scenarios of how Eclipse found Raenef.

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      2. Hahaha, I never wondered how they met until now. XD But I’ve heard of, I haven’t gone on it though, at least to my knowledge. There’s a lot more stories than I thought there would be, so that’s a plus. But if they’re not for the ships that I’d want, I’d be disappointed too.

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      3. I think it depends on the ship. I can’t vouch for what’s there, except for the fandoms I read for long stretches like Harry Potter. The best you can do with FanFiction.Net is to narrow to characters listed for the story or trying to find a Community that makes lists of your ship. It’s not always successful.

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