Heroes and Swords Collection: What Makes a Noblebright Character? + Giveaway Link

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection


I am back again on another segment of the Noblebright genre! If you’d like to view my first post, you may see that here!

There are many aspects to a Noblebright character. They aren’t just heroes that save the day, but also heroes that like to inspire others. There’s a lot of complexity to them, and their motives aren’t always so straightforward and direct. Especially since they’re in a fantasy genre, they’ll be seen differently than regular heroes.

But enough of how I view these kinds of characters, it’d be much better if you look at the post for yourself to find out! Don’t let me keep you too long!

**Giveaway link is at the bottom.**

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection

Do you know about Noblebright Fantasy?

Noblebright Fantasy refers to stories in which the main motivation of the characters is an altruistic proposal or quest, and the world in which they live upholds hope and the possibility of better. Noblebright stories present characters that choose to act with kindness and honor, and are rewarded for their good qualities and actions. In a Noblebright Fantasy, the outlook of the story is a positive one and the world presented, although not perfect, is beautiful and valuable in the eyes of the characters.

What makes a Noblebright Fantasy character?

Characters in Noblebright fantasy have many different personalities and motivations; however, they share a unifying trait: most of the times their positive qualities are more prominent or displayed in a more favorable light than their negative qualities. Their strength as characters relies on these qualities being portrayed as admirable, instead of laughable or naïve. Their own goodness and capacity to act honorably, even when it doesn’t benefit them, are their most significant traits.

Noblebright characters can be flawed and possess complex and conflicting personalities. They can possess negative outlooks and even behave in what might be considered negative ways, but their ultimate motivation is honorable, and although their dispositions might be dark, they are considered Noblebright as long as their acts of heroism are performed for an altruistic, bigger reason.


While some character’s Noblebright inclinations might be obvious at first sight (Sam Gamgee’s sincere kindness and his ever-present concern for his friend), others have more convoluted personalities that give way for interest discussion. The spectrum for Noblebright characters can be as wide as the fantasy genre itself, and at the very end of it all, it comes down mainly to the character’s motivations and the impact his or her presence has in the world:

  • Is it a positive or negative impact?
  • Does the presence of the character improve the world (and the story) in a way that inspires hope and admiration?
  • Are his/her actions ultimately orchestrated for personal gain or for a deeper purpose?

And probably the most important question when it comes to Noblebright Fantasy: Does the character add to the wonder and beauty of the world or does it detract from it?

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection.

In the spirit of the classic fantasy of Tolkien, Terry Pratchett and Brandon Sanderson, authors of Noblebright Fantasy all around the world have come together in this E-book giveaway. With stories that are uplifting and full of hope, and heroes who strive for goodness and fight to save their worlds, Heroes and Swords will transport readers back to the glory of heroic fantasies, fabulous quests and characters full of charisma and courage.


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