What Would That Villain Read? Tag!

Thank You!

I was tagged again by Sam @ RiverMoose-Reads! I’ve never considered what kinds of books villains would want to read. But now I will have to use my imagination!


  • Pick 5+ villains and wonder what books they are most likely to read (feel free to use our villains or find new ones!)
  • Nominate bloggers! As many as you want!
  • Have fun in the world of villainy!

Commence the Villainy!

Moriarty from Sherlock

New party member! Tags: sherlock bbc pbs crown moriarty andrew scott masterpiece honey you should see me in a crown
Credit: Pinterest


Talk about repeating history, haha. I think Moriarty would enjoy reading about how his family line ends up. He’d be interested in Sherlock and Watson’s as well. There’s also a few elements that he may enjoy.

Loki from The Avengers/Thor/Thor the Dark World

Loki Thor 2 | Loki/Thor 2 - loki-thor-2011 Photo
Credit: Pinterest


I have an odd feeling that Loki will connect with the motives of Elias’s mother. Loki does more things in a classy way, but I think his tyrannical values will look respectfully on the Commandant.

Lord Business from The Lego Movie

Credit: Google Images


It’s a mix of comedy, and it has someone who wants to take over the kingdom and make it how she envisions it, kind of like Business.

It’d probably be one of his guilty pleasure books, haha.

The Galra from Voltron Legendary Defenders

Galra Gang by Mythorie
Credit: Mythorie

It’s been 3 months, and I still haven’t made any progress into season 2. I’ve only finished season 1 and haven’t had time to watch any more of it. I know season 4 came out last Friday, but it’s hard to avoid spoilers.


I feel like they could relate to the Order in a way. The Order is trying to use their own kind of magic, and get rid of the old magic users, and the galra are trying to take the lions and they got rid of most of the Altea.

Hans from Frozen

Credit: Giphy


Boy! I think I’ve found the perfect best friend for you. His name is Tamlin, and he’s just like you! In every regard! Get antiquated with each other! *Mumbles* And leave Anna and Feyre alone.

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11 thoughts on “What Would That Villain Read? Tag!

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  1. This is the most epic tag ever! I LOVE villains ❤️❤️ So this is perfect for me hahaha
    I really enjoyed the pairings you came up with. Some of them I’m unfamiliar with but the ones I knew were spot-on! I really hope I can list some cool villains myself… I always tend to forget them when I actually need them 😂
    Awesome post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I’m so glad you like!! I love villains too! I’m so interested in what you’re going to put!
      Thank you! I’m curious about the villains that you did recognize. (I know Hans is probably one of them, he’s one of the more we’ll known ones on my list.) And I bet you’ll have great villains on your list, I have faith in you! 😄


    1. Haha, I can understand that. 😄 There are times when I hear a lot of details about a show or book I haven’t seen, but know a lot about. (It happens kinda often for me. 😅) But I still hope that if you decide to read ACOTAR you’ll enjoy it!!


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