Series Review: Classi9

Volume Count: 5 Volumes

Classi9: Ren Taki has come all the way from Japan to Vienna to enroll in the Melite Conservatory of Music. This was a promise she made to her father, and when she finally got accepted to the school of her dreams, she was so excited for her new life in a new school.

However, when she runs into the famous Mozart, he tells her that the Melite is, in fact, an all boys’ school. Luckily, he’s a student there and helps her get in. The only problem is that Ren must hide her identity from all her classmates or else she and Mozart will both be expelled.

Ren thinks it’ll be a piece of cake, but her classmates aren’t making it easy for her. When you share a room with legends like Tchaikovsky, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Wagner, and Haydn, anything can happen.

Review: I enjoyed this series way more then I should have. XD

First, I’d like to talk about the beautiful art style! You can’t hear music when you’re reading, but the visuals are so beautiful whenever one of the characters will play music, that you can’t help but imagine what the song might sound like. The drawings are depicted from intense (virtuoso —Liszt) to playful (like Chopin). The characters are nicely drawn as well! I couldn’t help but fall in love with the drawings, they were so captivating!

Second, I had a hard time determining the time period. I already knew this would stray from the textbooks. (After all Mozart and Salieri were born around the 1700s, while others in the 1800s). But I couldn’t tell if the author was bringing modern day terms and objects to the past, or if the whole story was supposed to be a contemporary twist. At first, I took a look at all the clothing and the style of the buildings (outside) and imagined the time period around the 1800s, where the concept was “If all the greatest musicians knew each other when they were young” kind of thing. However, I saw electrical lamps and lighting, indoor plumbing, and interior designs of the school that didn’t match what I originally thought. So I thought around the lines of “If the greatest musicians met together today” or something or other. Really, I was stumped. I couldn’t find anything online about the time, so I just went with it, but I wished there was some clarification as to when the story took place.

Third, the ending. The manga series had to be cut short, which is why the ending had to be wrapped up so quickly. I, personally, like the idea of how the author ended it (perfect timing on that part), but I was saddened that the conclusion wasn’t as together. (There’s also the part with that Fake Beethoven. What happened to him? I thought something else would go down with him and Ren.) At least everything regarding the mystery of Ren’s father was concluded, so I have no complaints about that. (I was right! I knew there was something up about him.) (However, I wished it had its own chapter, that would’ve probably been better instead of jumbling each conclusion of each character… Wait, actually maybe it kind of works… Ignore me.)

I don’t really want to go in-depth of all the character traits (because there’s so many of them) (10 if you include Salieri) but just know that each of them follow lots of different and unique tropes. (Yes, it’s THAT type of manga.) Even Ren, whose bubbly spirit eventually changes everyone for the better. (That’s a typical protagonist trope, but one I still like because the protag is always adorable.) I had no complaints about any of the characters personalities, they were all funny, and sweet at times. (Well… Haydn you are the exception. There’s nothing sweet about you.) (He’s the prankster.) I just wished that the series could go on, so we could have more info on each of their backgrounds, but I was satisfied enough with the chapters that revolved around them individually.

I read this not really knowing what the true concept really was. The only thing Goodreads gave me was that Ren was a girl hiding her gender in order to study at a music school. That’s it. When I finally read it and found out that she’s going to school with musicians like Mozart and Beethoven, I immediately fell in love. I’m kind of a music nerd, but not a classical one. However, that didn’t stop me from fangirling. 🙂

Overall, this was a really fun read. I had a lot of laughs, and the characters were all very entertaining. I hope you find it great too!

Rating: ❄❄❄❄

More: If you liked this review, please hit that Like and/or Follow button below, I’d really appreciate it. I couldn’t read all the extras. 18.5 was unavailable for me, and there was nothing about the extra in volume 5 about Bach and Haydn. (Also MyAnimeList says there are 26 chapters, but I’ve only seen 24. So I’m probably missing those too.)But I was still able to enjoy it! If you want to look at Yoshimura Tsumuji’s books, the Goodreads link is here. That’s it for now, I’ll swing by later!

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