Anime: Persona 5 Finally Gets a Series! (+ Mini Rant)


I’m back again with some more anime content! (Okay, yes, this is a filler post, but who cares?)

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Recently, well actually not really, I’ve made a She Games about Persona 5. (Still haven’t played it a bunch yet, I’m working on that.) And as I tried to look if there was an animation out for it, I only saw that there’s a one episode animation called The Day Breakers that was aired before the game in order to get fans hyped about the release.

However, that changed when I saw a post on Twitter about a new show coming out for 2018.

I was certainly excited, and my friend who plays the game also confirmed the news to me. I don’t know what to expect from the animation, I know P4 has one as well, but I haven’t seen it yet and wouldn’t know the pros and cons compared to the game.

Lots of games that get a series out of them don’t always end up pleasing the audience they were made for. For example I’ve heard multiple sides of Danganrompa compared to the game from friends I know who’ve played it. And there’s also some people who aren’t into those live actions of their favorite games, like Assassin’s Creed.

I’d like to bring a point that I’ve heard from someone else, to whom I agree with. Adaptations are simply what they mean. If you look up the word, you’ll see words like “modify” or “alteration” with it. There are lots of people, even I’m guilty of it, who don’t like a certain adaptation because it strays from “accuracy”. Although I do think it’s nice to watch shows or movies of books and games that are probably 100% accurate, you have to understand that if this were true, nothing new is presented. The book, game, etc. will just be a script, and certain audiences will have the pleasure of enjoying it because they know that book or game like they do the back of their hand.

Lots of adaptations are trying their best to fit newer audiences, or come up with newer concepts for the source material, and we end up getting mad because it wasn’t “in the original”. I’m even guilty of this, I admit it.

If that show or movie is still bad likewise, maybe with different flaws other than presenting the original work differently, then that’s okay, the movie couldn’t be saved anyway. But please, always remember to keep an open mind. ๐Ÿ™‚

I wasn’t going to rant, but I did anyway, and I hope you can either look upon my words and agree or tell me what you think is you disagree with.

I plan on keeping an open mind as I watch the new show, and I hope you all doย too, whether it be for a movie of your favorite anime, or maybe for your favorite book.

That’s all for today, I’ll swing by again later. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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18 thoughts on “Anime: Persona 5 Finally Gets a Series! (+ Mini Rant)

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  1. That’s why I usually try to keep an open mind about adaptations. Often enough, they are that…adaptations. They want to be a little fresh, or the format just doesn’t work for some parts of the source material, which is understandable. Plus, there are some adaptations that are better than the source material (my parents, particularly my dad, says that the movies Jaws and The Godfather are way better than the books, but then again, they said the books weren’t very good ๐Ÿ˜›) So, if the source material is good, but the adaptation ruins the theme, then I likely won’t like it. Or in the case of The Girl on the Train, I think moving it from Britain to America was a bad move; the book was British. It simply was. It just wasn’t American. So I have to say I think the setting is more important than people realize too.

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    1. I fully agree, thought I haven’t seen it yet, I hear the same thing happened to Netflix’s Death Note live action. The setting changed to a different city (I think it was San Francisco or Chicago, I can’t really remember) and that made people more mad because it didn’t seem to no longer fit as well. I try to like some adaptations separate from the source material, and find how they would be good as a movie or show by itself. For example, those who’ve never read Ella Enchanted really enjoyed the movie, and when I saw it, I thought it was cute for a younger audience. But I was still a little confused as to why they tried to make it a musical. (Probably because it fit what genre was popular at the time.) But there are still adaptations that I enjoyed, like The Martian, compared to the original work. (Sorry I took so long, I was away for a bit.)

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      1. Yeah, I don’t really wanna see the Death Note movie, tbh ๐Ÿ˜. The setting is a major part of the story, it sets up the atmosphere in a way, so changing the setting of any story, whether it be western or eastern, just doesn’t click with me. Whenever someone accuses me of being a weeb for making that point with DN, I just point out The Girl on the Train.
        Same here! There are plenty of solid adaptations that stand on their own. Like the Wizard of Oz; I read the book in fourth grade, and the book and movie are so different! But they’re both great on their own. I’ve heard the same about Howl’s Moving Castle.
        The Martian is just a great adaptation in general. In some ways, I enjoyed it more than the book (though objectively, I will say the book is better), because there was less text of pure science, making it more fun for me.

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      2. A friend of mine watched the DN movie and didn’t really like it either. But it got her into the series, so maybe it’s helping a bit promotion wise. (Though not entirely, it may not be the best way to introduce someone to a fandom, but at least it works. ๐Ÿ˜‰) I don’t really want to see it that much either, I’ve heard a few reviews about it and decided to pass. (When someone calls me a weeb I just say that they’re probably a bigger weeb than I am, you know, to try to turn the tables. But it doesn’t work, because they’d always say, “Heck yeah, I am.” But that’s just my mechanism, maybe it’ll work better for you if you try it. ๐Ÿ˜„ )
        I feel as though older adaptations are probably better than newer ones. Well, not better, but more popular ones tended to be frequent back then compared to now. There’s still some pretty good ones today, but it’s harder to find one.
        I’ve watched The Martian before I read the book, so as I was reading I was able to look at the book and the movie and compare it instead of pick out bits I didn’t like. This is kind of why I like reading the manga after the anime, there’s less disappointment. ๐Ÿ™ƒ I’ve been told to watch the DN movie first, so that I wouldn’t criticize it as much as I would if I watched it after the anime. I’m not planning to now, I’m a bit busy at the time to watch anything new (I have 3 Ghibli movies and Wolf Children to watch still ๐Ÿ˜…), but it’s something I’m considering so that it’ll make it easier in the end.

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      3. The only good thing about the DN movie (that I can see) is that it’s making the anime popular again. I was on Netflix, and on the “popular’ list, the anime came before the movie. Yay! The best thing I’ve heard of it is that it’s “okay on it’s own, but terrible as an adaptation”. Not very encouraging. (And I may try your comeback sometime, haha).
        Older adaptations do seem to be better, but it does seem strange. Maybe it’s because we saw the movies first? Or…I dunno. I think some of it may be adapting “meh’ material (in the case of Jaws and The Godfather) or keeping the themes intact while changing some story points (The Wizard of Oz). I also saw The Martian before reading it. And while I tend to say to read the book first, I have the opposite advice with anime as well; I say, watch the series first. Then read the source material!
        And which Ghibli movies do you have? And Wolf Children…oh gosh, that was a great movie. Feelsy, but good.

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      4. I hear that too, I think it’s because the main focus was not to stay true to the anime, but to make it likable for an audience who may or may not usually watch anime. So then, it may promote the anime to those who are may not really enjoy it, and kind of introduce them to that genre. (But you’re right, as an adaptation it’s not the greatest, and I hear a lot of negativity about it, even if they didn’t watch the anime.)
        I think keeping the themes might be a reason why older adaptations are sometimes better, I never considered that. Also watching the anime first reduces the amount of time it takes to read the manga, though I still read it because I like to read and watch both.
        I have Arietty, The Wind Rises (I hear it’s sad), and Nausicaa to watch. And I’m planning to watch the Cat Returns sometime soon, but I don’t have that one yet.

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      5. Yeah, I bet that was the focus…(sigh). I’ve mainly just heard they made it a “teen horror”, which is just…no. No!! It’s a psychological thriller, not teen horror! Ugh!
        Yeah, a lot of the themes in older adaptations remain the same as the source material. Like with the Wizard of Oz especially. I haven’t read it in years, but it gave the same vibe, despite being really different.
        Arrietty is pretty good, I enjoyed it. The Wind Rises is sad, definitely. Nausicaa is great, and has an original manga written and drawn by Miyazaki. The Cat Returns is a lot of fun, and is based on a manga!

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      6. I thought they changed it to apply to teens more, but I just didn’t know they changed the psychological thriller part to horror. *Sigh*
        It’s good that it gave off the same vibe. A lot of movies I’ve seen, like with City of Bones, gave off a different vibe. (But it’s a better movie than the show in my perspective, because both apply to teens, but the movie remains closer to the source material than the show. Also I prefer the casting of the film to the show too. :P)
        I forgot to mention Princess Mononoke! I need to watch that one too, it looks awesome! And I’m glad to hear those things about the other movies. I’d like to read the manga for them sometime. And what manga was The Cat Returns based off of?

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      7. I know, it’s really sad how they changed it to horror, and teen horror to be precise. Like, no. No!
        That’s interesting, that the movie is better than the show. You’d think it would be vice versa, but nope. I haven’t seen either, so I can’t judge. But I also think that the movie had more professional casting from the clips I’ve seen.
        Princess Mononoke was good, but I suggest watching it early. Ghibli has a lot of environmental movies, so once I saw it, I started thinking it was a bit much, which kinda messed with the experience for me. I still think it was really good, but can’t agree with the people who say it’s Miyazaki’s magnum opus. It was a bit biased in my opinion. I still liked it a lot, but it’s something to keep in mind. And the manga for The Cat Returns is called The Cat Returns. Same with Whisper of the Heart!

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      8. I know right!
        Yup, I do think the casting looks more professional too.
        What do you mean by watching it early? And I’ll keep that in mind when I watch it!
        Ah, I didn’t realize he kept the title for the manga in his movies. But they sound neat, so I’ll check them out!

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      9. I meant, watch it before you watch a lot more of the environmental themed movies. After a while, it felt a tad repetitive for my taste, but at the same time, I know that’s where his passion lies, so I roll with it.
        Yep, Nausicaa has the same title, as does The Cat Returns and Whisper of the Heart. The latter two were written by another artist, I don’t remember their name. And please do! I love both of them, especially WoH; it’s so relatable.

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  2. I totally get what your saying about adaptions! I recently watched Assasins Creed and yeah we didn’t like it because somethings were different from the game. We understood they were trying your make it more dynamic so that wasn’t the issue! It was more that the new story doesn’t really make sense… โ™ฅ๏ธ

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      1. Well according to my brothers (who played the game) and watched the movie with me, the movie is all the things that happened behind the scenes so what used to be a handful of scenes with him on a gurney/table became n entire movie! And actually it just didn’t make much sense… the girl especially!

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