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Now, confession time, I’m probably not the most qualified person you should come to. So, be warned, haha. But I had talked it over with my friend over at Angelwings5700, who I blame for getting me into RPGs, and she helped me come up with a bunch of ideas (*mumbles* and also the internet helped too I guess).


Credit: HP Store

This is what I game on, not even a gamer laptop, just an old regular one.

Laptops are pretty okay, if you travel a bunch, or just like something that’s a smaller fit for your work space. If I wanted something that was for the go, I’d try and find the cheapest one out there so I wouldn’t loose it, but that’s just me. (I see a lot of heavily priced ones, and they look pretty good, but they don’t look like my style.)

All of the overpriced ones are very thin, which makes it’s look more attractive, but a lot of flaws come from that as well. For me, those kinds tell me that the fans aren’t very large, so overheating could be an issue if you are playing for a long time, and that they are like a sheet of paper, meaning that they could probably bend easily. I’m only looking at its physical features, but I am not testing the software, so it’s all I can go on for now. But I’m not discrediting thinner laptops, I do think that they are good if you have a smaller work space, and or need something lighter weight and less bulky. (The one above in the photo actually looks pretty reliable.)

If you wanted a laptop for going out, I would get the most durable looking one I see at a reasonable price.

Also, make sure what kind of laptop you want. Regular ones are built with a smaller screen, lesser battery, and will probably overheat. But they’re still usable (just look at me, I’m proof) and can still have good results.

Gamer laptops has more vents for air to circulate, those glowing keys, better resolution, and a lot of RAM. And they’re expensive. But they can last a really long time, for you 24/7 gamers, and withstand lots of heat.

Angel wanted to mention the styles for gamer laptops. There’s a variety out there, and I’m sure there are some that you can customize to your liking. She also mentioned the different skins you can find, and things you can do for the PC (which I’ll share right now.)


OMEN Desktop - 880-010z
Credit: HP Store

Continuing on from Angel’s topic, there’re lights that you can put inside the console’s case as well as having your hand at colored/glowing mouses, keyboards, and even colored fans. Some nice ones that Angel knows can be found both here and here. Also unlike laptops, you can choose the monitor that you want to have. It’s best to get one with speakers, but you can get them separately as well if you wish. She says that it is preferred, because there isn’t a hassle with connecting them separately. An example that she mentions that she uses is a monitor from Asus.

I’ve always wanted to build my own computer from parts, so that a lot of the features are purely customizable. I know of a few who do this as well, and end up preferring to just buy the parts themselves. I wish I could give advice on building one on your own, but I am still trying to figure that out and don’t think I’d be a lot of help at the moment.

But if I were to fully get my own PC, the three things I’d mostly pay attention to are the size (I need to know if it’ll fit in the desk, I have a small space), memory, and graphics. There’s still so much to look for when either just looking at how the case is designed, and what’s inside, but again, my knowledge is pretty limited at this point.

I still hope that you found this post helpful, and be sure to visit the links up above. Until next time!

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