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I’ve been playing some more games again. This time I played a game that I was too scared to play at first (lots of horror in this one) but got to watching a few Let’s Plays and ended up testing it out. It had a good pay off at the end, and it turned out to not be as scary as I thought (well, for me, because I am now used to scares).

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I can’t really find trailers for games like these. Many don’t have any official trailers, which I think is a little sad. So I was scrolling around YouTube and found a fanmade video that featured (almost) all the RPG horror games out there and thought I’d share it with you to make up for the lack of trailers in my posts. So here it is:

(It mentions all the games at the end, if you don’t know any. Many of them I plan on playing.)

I hope you enjoy the post!

**Some of the images are fanart, I give credit to the artists.**


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Credit: vgperson


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Credit: Adricarra
Developers: Uri

Download: Vgperson [English], Other (Uri)

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Psychological

Contains: Jumpscares, Chase scenes, Topics of death

AboutThree years after her aunt’s death, Miki Takamura moves into her late aunt’s unattended house. Everything seems normal at first, but after her first night in the house, things make a sudden turn. A strange creature starts chasing her at night, strands of hair appear in strange places, and odd sounds echo throughout the house. Are all these events caused by supernatural forces or is Miki slowly losing her mind? (Credit: RPG Maker WikiaRPG Maker Wikia)


The description above does a solid job explaining the game. I’ll just go into a little more detail.

Miki Takamura is sent to live in her aunt’s old home by her mother in order to recuperate from her illness. She moves in to discover some of the doors to be locked. Miki doesn’t think much of it until she starts to find keys to each room, and clues to find the others. The real nightmare begins every night, when Miki is awakened by a monster and is forced to hide until morning.

The house itself is very odd, but the rumors surrounding it’s old inhabitant are stranger. Everyone thinks Miki is crazy just like her aunt, but they obviously don’t see what she can see. Miki just wants to be done with it all and go home, but the monster won’t let her off so easily.

My Gameplay

I got this game without looking too much about it. It looked like something I would enjoy, and was by the same game dev as The Crooked Man, so I was already sold. It wasn’t until later that I heard that there would be difficult chase and hide scenes that I started to show less interest. (Hiding/chasing scenes are the worst.)

So I watched a few Let’s Plays and didn’t think the game was as bad as I made it out to be and started to play it. I wasn’t as scared of it because I knew what to expect from the Let’s Plays, so I enjoyed the game scream free. (Haha.) I have to admit that the hiding-every-night bit was difficult. I kept getting found in some places, so I just decided to consult a walkthrough.

Overall, the Good End was a big pay off, and I really enjoyed it. The game was kind of short, but it was also really fun to play!

(If you watched the trailer above, you’ll get a taste of one of the jumpscares in 2:53. If you don’t think that’s so bad, then the rest of the game will be pretty easy for you in terms of scares.)


Miki Takamura

Credit: Wikia
Miki Takamura is the main character and the character you play as.

She’s writer of romance stories, however she doesn’t quite enjoy her job. There’s a reason as to why she’s a writer, but you don’t find that out until you reach the Good End, and I won’t elaborate anymore because of spoilers.

Miki doesn’t seem like a person who gets easily scared, but when confronting a monster, it just natural for her to run away. However, she doesn’t have anywhere else to stay, so running from her house is futile.

 Shinji Miura


Credit: Wikia
Shinji Miura lives across the street from Miki, and has lived there for a long time because he’s known of the previous owner, Miki’s aunt, for awhile.

He becomes a friend to Miki, although I didn’t trust him at first (<you can’t trust anyone so easily in a horror game). But he grew on me, and he turned out to be a nice fellow.

You don’t meet him until the second or third day. But he’s an occurring character in the story and holds a bit of importance.

Ms. Saeki

Credit: Wikia
Ms. Saeki was the previous owner of the house and is Miki’s aunt. (Miki’s mother’s sister.)

She died three years ago, which is why Miki now owns the house. She used to be married, and Miki said she often visited her when she was alive.

She’s the youngest sister, and when her parents died, Miki’s mother took care of her. However, their relationship is a bit rocky.

I don’t want to go into too much detail, there’s a lot of spoilers to the Good Ending if I do.

Short Review



There wasn’t really any music until towards the end, but I did enjoy what I heard whenever something played. I think the music fit the atmosphere of the game pretty well, and it sounded like the type of music you would hear from any other RPG Horror game out there.

At the End Credits, I thought it was really neat that the music changed per ending. You can listen to it and guess which ending you chose (good or bad). I even recognized one of the songs from Blank Dream. 🙂



I really enjoyed the story of this game. It was easy to follow and there were a couple of twists. I was overly moved at the end, it’s definitely a game worth playing the whole thing through.

I wished it elaborated a little more, or maybe expanded itself. But I was still satisfied with how it went.

Story Vs Gameplay


There’s a bit more gameplay than story going on in the beginning, but as you go, you start to learn a lot more about Miki’s situation, and her family’s relationship.

I didn’t like the idea of the randomized hiding at first, it’s a lot of trial and error, but just look up a walkthrough if you’re having too many troubles. I did, and I didn’t have too much trouble.


(Rated on Difficulty)


I was watching a Let’s Play before I played through the game, so I didn’t have to figure out the puzzles. But it didn’t take the player I watched too long to figure them out, and they made a lot of sense after they were explained.

It still would probably be difficult for me to do. (I’m terrible with riddles and things. 😅)



There aren’t really many characters in the game, but the ones I met were likable (with the exception of one, whose identity I won’t reveal for the sake of spoilers).

It was pretty easy to read their personalities, and a lot of them were just enjoyable to interact with.

(Sorry that this section is short, it is a short review after all.)



I really liked the art, which is why I wanted to play the game in the first place. The character art was nicely drawn, and the scarier images really served their purpose. (Most are just photos, not art, but they fit with the story well.)

I liked the texture pack that was used on the game, the game dev uses it for The Crooked Man and Mermaid Swamp too. (I think.) And I liked how all the rooms were decorated. Some games don’t pay too much attention to detail, but I’m glad this one did, because it was a nice touch.

Anything Else?

I think I covered a lot of things. This game is pretty scary if you haven’t seen any Let’s Plays or if you’re not informed on what’s in it. There’s even a warning before you start. 😅 But don’t let that discourage you, I had a fun time with it, and it surprised me too. I didn’t think I’d like it, but I ended up loving it. 😀

The game dev has other games, like the Strange Man series and Mermaid Swamp (both of which I plan to play). If you are interested in more games like this one, I suggest you search those. 🙂

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading!

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