Series Review: Plus Alpha no Tachiichi


Volume Count: 2 Volumes

Plus Alpha no Tachiichi: Satoki never imagines herself as the main character. She doesn’t really have to, because she doesn’t want to. Main characters have to shoulder the burden of all the other characters’ needs, be extra responsible for their actions, and have the camera pointed at them all the time. It seems like too much work, and Satoki would rather read it happen to someone else than having to go through all that trouble herself.

Then she gets sucked into a world that resembles one of her manga books, but even there, she’s degraded into a side character. Until she finds out she actually has powers that could make everyone turn their attention to her.

So with some quick action and also no thinking whatsoever, Satoki pretends to be powerless and actually makes everyone think that Haruka, a classmate who entered the strange world with her, look like she has the ‘unimaginable’ power and not herself. However that may not have been the best choice, because it ends up comlicating everything.

Review: I loved this so much!!! (TᴗT) This is the most relatable manga I’ve ever read in my entire life, and for that I’m so happy I found this and ended up reading it.

I don’t want to critique it!!! It’s perfect enough in my eyes!!!

But here I am, so I must.

Satoki can have her off points but she was a very enjoyable character to read about! She reminded me so much of myself. (I, too, don’t want to be the main character of a book. I’d much prefer to hide behind a wall and watch everything unfold in front of me. Also maybe have popcorn while I’m watching.) Even though technically, she’s the main character of her own story, she’s… not the main character… It’s very hard to describe. The manga is completely about Satoki and her view of the world she’s in, but in the story she’s seen as a supporting character. (It’s as best as I can describe, sorry.) But eventually she starts becoming the main character, which makes the end more satisfying.

In the beginning Satoki clearly refuses the idea of being the center of attention. However after connnecting those words to the end of the story, it’s a sweet ending because it’s not how the series ended, per se, it’s what she did in the middle of the story and what she says at the end to make you realize that she enjoyed her spotlight moment. (Which means that there actually was character growth!) So I didn’t think of how good or bad the ending was, I connected her words from the start and realized what really mattered was the events in between. (Ah, this sounds weird reading it. It probably doesn’t quite make sense at all, but these are the thoughts I had in that jumbled noodle bowl that I call my brain.)

Each character was hilarious! Even as side characters, they knew how to make you laugh out loud. This was a fun and good natured kind of manga because of all the funny statements the characters make. Even the antagonists were entertaining. (Haha, Obdima…) Of course there are actual antags, whom I disliked solely for them being the antags, but other than that all the characters sat well with me.

I know this series only had two volumes, so I dismissed it when the chapters fast forwarded through time. You can only have so much happen in 13 chapters, and I actually enjoyed the flow of them all. The first, however, went a bit fast, but the pace evened out the next chapter.

The art was incredible! I noticed that I do this a lot, and I should pay attention to other details instead, but I loved the eyes of all the characters! It’s just an artist instinct of mine, but I just love the subtle swoop of them, and everything else in general. Lots of panels were chibi, which is common, and I liked the detail within those panels too. (Mainly I liked all of the art, it makes me sad that there’s no more volumes for me to look at.)

I also don’t know if this was just me, because I have the worst short-term memory on the Earth, but some names or characters were hard to distinguish. I’d hear a name, but couldn’t place a face, or I saw a character and thought it was someone else. This actually happens a lot to me (always in comics or manga books that don’t have color), but I just had to look back through the manga more than I believe I had to, just to remember tidbits that I forgot.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this! And if this seems like the kind of short series you’re into, please try it out!

Rating: ❄️❄️❄️❄️.5

More: Thank you for reading!! If you liked this post, please hit that Like and/or Follow button. If you ever look up this series, it’s always going to show up as +a no Tachiichi, so put that title in your Goodreads search. 😉 Also Tsukitomo Yuu doesn’t have any other works, so she doesn’t have a website I could put. (I’m sorry, this is the first time I never had an author website up! Even the Goodreads URL, which is my fallback, isn’t good enough this time.) I’ll swing by here again later, bye!

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