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I am back with another gamer post! Right now I’m discussing a game I’d never thought I’d ever play, but ended up actually loving. I’ll get more into details about how I ended up liking it, but first, let me introduce the game!

**Most of the photos are fanart, I give the real credit to the respective creators.**

Blank Dream

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Credit: Google Images
Blank Dream
Credit: Pinterest


Blank Dream Cast
Credit: Pinterest

Developer: Kanawo

Published: August 24, 2015

Genre: Horror, Puzzle, Mystery

AboutDeath is only the beginning for 16 year old Mishiro, who plans to throw herself into a nearby lake that’s the source of local legends. But when she finds herself trapped in a dark and dangerous world, she also finds herself without her memories, and she’ll need to regain them all, and possibly those of others stranded there, to find a way forward in this creepy and unsettling free indie horror adventure from Teriyaki Tomato. (Credit: Wikia)


(I’m only giving away three of the characters that you get to meet. No spoilers, remember?)

Mishiro Usui

Credit: Pinterest

Mishiro feels empty inside. She doesn’t retain any memories from when she was alive, only whenever she’s able to successfully break one of her mirrors in the Mirror World.

Something in her life had to have effected her enough to drown herself in the lake. However, she just doesn’t understand what. But she feels as if she’s lost something of great importance.

She also doesn’t remember the wish she made before she stepped into the lake. It’s a wish that trapped her soul in the Mirror World, and only by granting it, can she be free from her current existence.

Yuzu Hanasaki

blank dream - yuzu
Credit: @roulettesplay.deviantart

Yuzu is the first person that Mishiro meets in the Mirror World. Like Mishiro, Yuzu is trapped because of a wish that she cannot remember.

She has an interesting background, if you ever get to see endings 2 and 1. She usually just stays in the spot that you first meet her.

Even through the circumstances that she’s under, she’s usually very lively. It’s strange, because of the fact that she’s been in the Mirror World the longest. (Being there for too long should have the opposite effect.)


Ryotaro Sengoku

Image result for blank dream ryotaro
Credit: @roulettesplay.deviantart

Ryotaru is the third person you are able to meet in the Mirror World.

A lot of people, even me at one point, was really unsure about his character because of what’s revealed about him. However, he turned out to be an overall nice guy, and I felt a bit bad about how he died.

I don’t have the much to say about him. You don’t really know anything else about him except what you can get out of finding all of this mirrors and by trying to understand his personality.


My Gameplay

Mishiro Usui from rpg horror game, Blank Dream 虚白ノ夢…
Credit: Mightythundergirl.tumblr

When I first watched the play through a year or so ago, I honestly didn’t like the game, so I only lasted 2 episodes worth of Let’s Plays.

But I found it again, and decided to try it out. Despite what I thought of it in the past, I really had a lot of fun with this game, and even grew to love it. I feel bad about not watching all the Let’s Plays a long time ago, all the endings of the game were really well done, and even hit me in the feels. (Hence the title to this post.)

This game is supposedly scarier than Witch’s House, which is an RPG Horror game that I also plan to play. (<It’s pretty scary, and has a great twist. Though, Mad Father ranks as #1 for being psychologically disturbing for me.) Blank Dream contains a whole lot of jumpscares (it made my heart jump the first three realms, and then I just got used to it) (<I remember when the “scariest” jumpscare appeared on my screen, and I wasn’t even scared of it, I just said, “Well, hello” then continued playing) and a couple of chase scenes (which took me so long to do). But like I said, you get used to it, and once you do the game appears more fun.

It also wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I used some walkthroughs and Let’s Plays for the first three realms then played most of it on my own. Of course I had to look up how to get all the endings (which I only played Ending 5, then 3-1 [in that order] and just watched the 4th) and a couple of mirrors, but the puzzles were fun to solve when I was just blindly going through the game.

How the game works is that you play as Mishiro in the Mirror World, and try to visit the other realms in order to break her mirrors which contain her memories. There are wandering “spirits”, as you will, that you’ll encounter who’ll try to stop Mishiro. Yuzu and Ryotaro will ask of you to find their mirrors as well, so when you do find them, your job is to bring either Yuzu or Ryotaro to recover their memory. Finding their mirrors also helps you to secure what ending you will get, so try to find them all to achieve Ending 1 (which is the best ending).

Short Review



In the beginning, I wasn’t too into the soundtrack. The reason for that was the borrowed songs, and songs that didn’t fit the atmosphere of the game.

There were songs that I recognized from Ib and The Witch’s House, which led me to believe that it was just using the default for whatever music RPG Maker had. Which isn’t a bad thing, The Witch’s House and Ib both use default music too, it just confused me at first, because I knew I heard the songs somewhere else. I started to think it worked a bit, because it turned out that Blank Dream had some elements in it like that of those two other games (the artistry of Ib, and the jumpscares from The Witch’s House) so I liked to imagine that it pulled inspiration from them. I decided not to bother with it any more from that point on.

There were also a few songs that didn’t quite match the feel of the game. I can’t remember exactly were it was, I think it’s when you first meet Ryotaro, but it played a jazzy/rock song (which I do like during games, don’t get me wrong) that didn’t really fit. I think this happened somewhere else too, but other than that, the rest of the soundtrack matched the game well.



The reason I didn’t enjoy this game so long ago was because I wasn’t really into the story. However, after watching the endings, I see how well the game tied up, and was moved after I played it.

The story was confusing for a split second, as I tried to find a mirror that contained people’s names that weren’t mentioned. But I rewatched that part after I completed the game, and it made sense; however going through that one part will be confusing when you play/watch it the first time through.

At first I didn’t quite understand why Yuzu and Ryotaro had any place in the plot. They were just extras to me at first. Then after discovering some of their memories, I no longer thought of them as that. (They hold important roles, keep that in mind.)

Story Vs Gameplay


This game had a nice balance of playing vs. watching the cutscenes. Really, you’re solving problems to get to the cutscenes, so it worked out fine.

A majority of this game is just going through the realms of the Mirror World, but you get to understand the story easily after some time. If you watch all endings, or just Ending 1, your perception of what’s going on will be greater.



This game didn’t go deep into any personalities, but you just have to guess how the characters all act.

There are certainly characters that will upset you, be prepared for that. Learning most of their background certainly makes them more likable, and sometimes it’ll solidify your mistrust about them. You just have to decide for yourself.


(Rated on difficulty.)


Like I said before, most of the puzzles aren’t too hard to get. I had to use a few walkthroughs on what to do/where to go first to prepare myself a little more, but when I blindly played through the puzzles, they were fun to solve.

I got quite a few, some I still needed help on, but they’re not impossible to understand. (No confusing riddles. 😅)



This game certainly had interesting graphics. The scenery looked like a regular RPG Horror game (dark and gloomy), but the characters looked as if they were drawn by hand in the screen. I thought it was neat as I first saw it, I can’t remember any other game that had a feature like that.

The characters themselves (during the dialogue and cutscenes) were nicely drawn. Also the rest of the background art for the cutscenes looked pretty too. (I’m sorry, I’m really bad at judging art, I know. 😖)

Anything Else?

I think I covered most things. This game is probably for more mature audiences. I couldn’t find as specific rating for this game, but I’m just letting you know now.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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