She Games: Alice Mare—A Spin on Eerie Fairy Tales


Yup. From this post alone, you can see that I’ve been gaming again. Recently, I’ve actually been looking into a lot of the games I used to watch, and have been trying to play some of them for you.

With Alice Mare, I’ve actually decided not to finish watching any Let’s Plays and just play the game by myself (with no luck, I actually needed help with this one 😅).

So I’m here again with another She Games post, I hope you enjoy it!

Alice Mare

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Credit: Google Images


Alice Mare

DevelopersMiwashiba (It’s only their Tumblr)

Download: Steam, Playism, vgperson

Cost: $2.99 (On Steam/Playism)

Genre: RPG, Horror, Fairy Tale, Fantasy

AboutAllen is a boy who has lost his memory.
Bereaved of his parents, he comes to a certain facility.
One day, he investigates a rumor he hears from the other children, and…

This is an exploration game with a storybook/fairytale motif.
There’s really only, say, a teaspoon of horror. Those not good with horror should be more or less fine.
Don’t worry, there are no chases or anything like that. (Credit: Vgperson)


There’s not much in the synopsis, so let be explain a little more about the game.

A young boy by the name Allen starts to live in a child facility under the guardian “Teacher”. He has lost his memories, but the other children there seem to have problems of their own. One day, after Allen goes through his closet, he finds himself in a different world. He goes through the World to help the rest of the children in a facility by going into their separate worlds and solving their puzzles.

There’s a lot more information that you may or may not catch just by playing the game, which is why it’s always nice to look up most of the story for yourself.

My Gameplay

Like what the description says, this game isn’t really scary at all. There’s not really any jumpscares (some things will break or splat, but it didn’t make me flinch so I wouldn’t dub it terrifying) nor is most of the concept (more creepy than scary). Necessarily, this isn’t nightmare fuel, so any RPG gamer out there who doesn’t like horror can play it.

I didn’t finish through all the endings the first time (only two: Good Night and The Recipient of Love), but by the time this post is out, I’ve probably played through or watched the rest.

At first, I wasn’t so sure if I wanted to play it. I’ve seen one of the Let’s Plays, but the player took too long to go through the prologue that I thought that it was all there was to the game. I’m glad I played it through all the way, it was more fun than I thought it would be. The game is actually kind of short compared to the games I’m used to, and only took me a day to complete it, so if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time, you could try this game in one go for one day, or play it sparsely too, if you want.



Image result for alice mare allen pixel
Credit: Miwashiba

He’s the main character and the character that you are able to control. He’s Lost his memories from, what I could guess, observing a traumatic event. (I just looked it up, he witnessed something very shocking, but I won’t tell you anymore because of spoilers.)

He likes to read a lot of books and can solve many puzzles. This is why he is asked to solve the puzzles for the other children. They don’t really like solving things.

He was taken in by teacher shortly after he lost his memories. Everyone asks him now and then if he’s able to remember anything, and the Cheshire cat likes to poke fun because of his amnesia.

His story revolves around Alice in Wonderland.


Image result for alice mare allen pixel
Credit: @

Joshua is supposedly the troublemaker of the group. He likes to pick on Teacher most of the time, and enjoys games like Russian Roulette and Dice.

His backstory is mainly one full of spoilers so I don’t want to reveal too much. He has a lot of siblings, and he used to live with his parents. (That’s about all I’ll reveal about his past.)

His world is the third door you get to unlock. There are three puzzles for you to complete. They’re not too hard, the first one might be tricky, though.

His story revolves around The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Rick & Letty

Image result for alice mare allen pixel
Credit: Miwashiba

There is a reason why I put these two together, and it’s not just because of how they’re both introduced in the game (although that is part of it).

Letty is always cheerful, and Rick is always concerned for her. Despite her nature, Letty has a sad upbringing which makes Rick worried.

Their story revolves around Hansel & Gretel.



Chelsy is the quiet type, and has a very soft voice. She likes teddy bears a lot, and so a lot of them are strewn across her room at the facility and in her world.

Again, I don’t want to spoil too much about her past. She has a grandma who works with medicine, and taught her a little bit about it, but that’s all I’ll say on that.

Chelsy’s world is the second you will visit, and also has three puzzle for you to figure out. I couldn’t quite get a couple, (second and third) but maybe you’ll have better luck.

Her story revolves around Little Red Riding Hood.



Stella is the type that likes to stick to herself. She’s a little unsociable, and can be quite cold towards people. She doesn’t really show any emotions, and has often told Allen that he doesn’t feel “alive”. (She says that Teacher feels the same way as Allen.)

I looked up most of her past, and the only thing I can tell you without spoiling too much is that Stella is very close with Death.

In most worlds they give you scraps of paper in which you can thoroughly learn about their pasts, but Stella’s wold only contained one. Her wold is the fourth world you’ll get to visit.

Her story revolves around Snow White.



Teacher is the one who takes care of all the children in the facility. He took each of them in and lets them have a place to stay. All of the children come from difficult pasts, and there is a reason why he allows them to stay.

He doesn’t like the children knowing too much about him. On a few occasions he made Allen stay put while he tried to settle something. He also doesn’t reveal his name until the very end, but in riddle form. He doesn’t like his name either, which is why he refrains from using it.

His world doesn’t revolve around a fairy tale, but his time at an old school. (That, I actually had to look up, because I didn’t know.)

Short Review



I really enjoyed listening to all the music.

It wasn’t the ominous type, although perhaps a few gave off that feel, and I even recognized a few of the songs. (Like the one from the Nutcracker in Letty’s world.)

There aren’t very many songs, so they are recycled a bit, but there doesn’t have to be a lot anyway because the game isn’t too long.



I really like anything to do with fairy tales, so this game was rather interesting. It certainly had a darker spin to all of the fairy tales, but didn’t necessarily scare me away.

I felt as though the story was in pieces though. You could put it together in the very end with what you learn before “The Recipient of Love” end, but going through the other ends made the story a little loose. (I still had some locked doors, and story books I didn’t read the first time.)

However, it was still very enjoyable, and I still had fun playing.

Story Vs Gameplay


I had to really look back and grade this for the ends that I didn’t chose, and the parts that I forgot to do. If I went with how I played it the first time, the rating would’ve been slightly lower (3.25) because I didn’t receive a lot of the story.

However, if you’re someone who went through all the endings and did the things that I forgot to do, you’ve probably gotten a nice balance of story and gameplay.


(Rated on difficulty)


If you’re not the smartest cookie in the batch like me, these puzzles will be kind of difficult. (Not all, but a couple will certainly get you.)

The catch is, you can only get two of them wrong, get a third wrong and the game’s over. (So be careful, and count your wrong answers.) (<Save files would come in handy at this point.)

I only got two or three puzzles on my own, but I still had to make sure they were the correct answers. (Case sensitive text.)



A lot of the character’s personalities were easy to get, and others not so much. But I got a good gist of each of them, and liked playing alongside them.

Their stories are really interesting to go through, and so are their worlds. However, I still didn’t really connect with very many of them, and wished they stood out a tad more. But it’s not that I didn’t enjoy them, I just wished they were a little more easier to read into.



The childlike art during the cutscenes made the game more surreal, if I should say. This is the case for most horror games, but I still think it’s an interesting touch nonetheless.

I liked the character art, it was pretty good for WOLF Editor games. Although I thought the background was a tad decorative. But overall, the graphics were good.

Anything Else?

I don’t have anything else to say, I think I’ve covered it all already.

There’s also a novel out for this game. Vgperson translated it here, but there isn’t an official English translation for you to buy yet at the moment.

That’s all for now. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “She Games: Alice Mare—A Spin on Eerie Fairy Tales

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  1. This game looks pretty interesting, I will say that. I also like fairy tale adaptations (often with a dark twist, lol) (although most fairy tales are actually really dark in their uncensored form) so I may have to watch videos of this on YouTube.
    I’ve also started Kubera season 2, though I’m not very far in; I’ve been busy for a few days, including today, so I haven’t read much yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you think so! I like fairy tale retellings too. I can never think they’re overused.
      Depending on the player, some of the Let’s Plays are a bit boring. But I hope you find a good channel that plays the game!
      *nervous laughter* Sooooooooo…. I found out where I left off, and it was at the very end of season 2. (I’m sorry, I didn’t know I was actually that far.) *more nervous laughter* I’m going to wait a bit, before I read anymore, though. So don’t worry. And I’ll try to look back at the older episodes so that I could jog my memory more.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s pretty cool that they can avoid those even if we know the story like the back of our hand. There’s always something new with each retelling. 🙂
        And it has been a few months, now that I think about it. (It seemed longer somehow, haha.) I’ll look back at the older episodes, and maybe check out some other webtoons while I’m at it. (I need to remember those as well.)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Um…they have a season 3, but from what I’ve been able to put together (I don’t speak or read Korean) it’s another series, which is why Webtoon hasn’t made the proper arrangements to have it translated yet. And it is on hiatus in Korea, for the author’s health. There will be a season 4 though, just don’t know when.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ah, I see. I saw that it was completed on Webtoons, but remembered what you said. I hope the author gets better soon! 🙂 And that’s good news, I’m glad it will continue!


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