Buddy Read Review With Kate: Six of Crows


**I have buddy read Six of Crows with Kate @ meltingpotsandothercalamities.**

Six of Crows: Kaz Brekker is a child of the Barrel, one of most gang filled places in all of Ketterdam. He’s ruthless, heartless, and known to be outrageously cunning. And he has just been given the biggest job ever. At a chance to be rich, he must acquire a group good enough to pull off, probably, the biggest heist the world’s ever seen. Luckily, he knows a couple of great candidates:

A Wraith who could slip in anywhere no matter the inconvenience, and never misses a bullseye with her trusty knives.

A farmboy who is also a skilled shooter with a knack for gambling.

A mercher’s son who’s artfully skilled with drawing and the flute, that could resourcefully craft a makeshift bomb when the time needs it.

A Heartrender who’s one for the Grisha cause and is a dutiful soldier to her country.

And an ex-drüskelle with a heart set on vengance and a place in prison.

This band of misfits is about to break into one of the most highly secured places they’ve ever faced, and they’re going to die trying.

Our Thoughts

(I used black and gray for the colors of the book.)

1. Was there a POV that you liked better or wished was there?

Icebreaker:  I liked all the POVs equally, but I’d love it if Wylan had his own. I know that his appearances are little, but maybe it would be fixed if we could see the story from his eyes once in awhile.

Kate I have to agree with you on this; I also loved all the POVs, but I kinda wished Wylan would have one. After all, he is one of the six!

2. Which character would you be the most afraid of being enemies with at the Barrel?

IcebreakerTo be honest, probably Kaz. I don’t think I need to say much more, haha. He uses information to find a person’s weakness, and from there he can manipulate you however he pleases. Sounds like a true Moriarty if I had a say. 😅

KateI have to agree with you (again) Kaz did remind me of Moriarty more than once, which I found really interesting. The way he had connections to literally everyone and mainly dealt in information, using that information to manipulate people. Scary.

3. If you could be a Grisha, what class/type would you want to be?

IcebreakerMost likely an Inferni. I just like fire powers in general because I think they’re handy. So being an Inferni is a no-brainer.

KateI want to say Heartrender, but I kind of know I’m too squeamish for that. So I suppose a Tailor, it seems handy to be able to create disguises. If I had any of the Etherealki powers, I’d likely mess up and die, haha. 

Review: I was really blown away by this book!

I’ve had this book for quite awhile actually. I think I bought it sometime last year around this time. Every now and then, I’ve been hearing countless of great things about this book, and have wanted to read it ever since. Finally, I was now able to pick it up with someone else and read it! I really enjoyed it and I loved every minute!

First, I’d like to comment on the plot. It never strayed, and stayed true to it’s original concept. I found that to be really admirable, because of how well everything was brought together. I found no loose ends (you actually find out what happens to Joost, you just have to look hard enough) (<a friend who had also read this had to point it out because I didn’t catch it the first time, but it turned out she was right, and when I looked back, I thought that it was brilliant, but also sad). The ending isn’t a cliffhanger, per se, but an invitation to the next novel; which I’ve recently gotten and hope to get to next.

But of course, what I loved most about this book was the characters. There was a great diverse cast, each with their own complex personalities. They were all unique from each other, and from characters in other books (they didn’t necessarily follow any character tropes). The interactions between them all were the best I’ve read in a long while. I loved to see them banter from time to time, and they were a fun bunch to read about.

I also loved how the backstories of the characters slowly trickled in throughout the story in pieces. It kept you guessing for more, and left you intrigued. I admit, I do like it when things are pointed out, but it’s more fun to read the backgrounds of each character sparsely so that you can question their intentions all the more. It was a book that made you think, and I loved that!

Same goes for the world building. I admit that at first, it was a bit confusing because most things you can’t really question, and you just have to accept as they are (like what are merchers, stadwatchers, and all the like) (<I know what they are, it’s just an example) because of how everything wasn’t explained at first glance. But it was almost like the book took it’s time until you were deep enough for everything to truly become clear. Which is rather nice, because you don’t want to be overloaded with too much information all at once. You mostly just have to read for meaning (context) then you can easily catch on the setting and world after a few chapters. (Like I said, it’s a book that makes you think.)

I really loved the writing style. It was descriptive, thorough, and was also very charming. It was easy to imagine all of the scenes that went on, and all of the characters too because of this.

I had my own ships throughout the book, but the relationships between the characters became much clearer as you read on from the middle of the story towards the end. I don’t want to point out any specific relationships, for spoiler purposes, but I found that their chemistry strengthened as you were deep enough in the story. (Although, I still have my own ships that are still pending to become canon. 😉)

Overall I loved almost everything about this book! I highly recommend it to fans of Cassie Clare, Sarah J. Maas and Holly Black, or just fantasy fans in general.

Rating: ❄❄❄❄❄

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