Romance Fails In Fiction Choice Tag!

Thank you!

I want to thank one of my blogger friends, Kate @ Meltingpotsandothercalamities for tagging me to do her original tag a long time ago. I really need to clean my draft cache. 😅

The Rules:

  • Please PINGBACK to me at Kate @ Melting Pots and Other Calamities. Or just Kate. And PINGBACK TO A SPECIFIC POST OF MINE.  I won’t see the post otherwise, and I’d like to see it.
  • You can choose ten romance fails from ANY media you like: books, movies, anime, manga, T.V shows, or Webtoons. You can even mix them up if you want.
  • You can choose funny fails or serious ones; for the serious ones, phrase it humorously. Remember, this is a fun tag! It’s not meant to be serious.
  • Mention who’s who in the fails. (I.E, who fails and who is the recipient of the failure). If there isn’t  recipient, per se, just state the couple (or non-couple).
  • Optional: Rank the failures from least extreme to most extreme.
  • 5 failures at LEAST.
  • Tag as many people as you want, but at least one person.

Get ready to be wrecked with spoilers!

(These aren’t in any particular order.)


(Psst, I hope this post is angsty enough for you. Some things aren’t, but I tried to aim for “feels killing”.)

As someone who plays music I stared at this trying to figure out why they gave them a forté (Professor wants her/him to be louder? He thinks they excel? What?) Before it snapped.
Credit: Pinterest



(I have to say this…)

Dr. and Mrs. Watson.  Cute...yet I can't decide how I feel about this.  HLV definitely left behind some emotional turmoil in its wake.
Credit: fermiumice.tumblr

*Breaths in* Gaaaaaahhhh!!!!

It’s just… I don’t… GAAAAAAH! I can’t even talk, it’s still too soon. My brain doesn’t want to compute.

It’s sad how Mary went, and how John felt about himself after. This whole thing was just a bucket of feels splashing all over everything. (Too soon still.)


A Court of Mist and Fury


I don’t really know if I’ve expressed my hatred for Tamlin enough on this blog.

But yeah, I really don’t trust him anymore. I still have yet to read book 3, (I’ve spoiled it for myself accidentally 😖) but I’m sure the whole Tamlin and Feyre situation won’t change anytime soon.


Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America (MCU) - Steve Rogers x Peggy Carter - Steggy
Credit: Rockets.tumblr


 You never got that dance, Cap.

In the Marvel U, Peggy and Steve’s story is one of the most tragic among the Avengers. Peggy had her own series in Agent Carter, and was seen in a few other Marvel films as her older self. The final hit home to the fans happened in Civil War.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Hero by on @deviantART. Of Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Credit: @Gabbiki.deviantart

A lot of people didn’t really like the 2nd installment of The Amazing Spider-Man because of the multiple plot/villain thing. However, I was still shocked when I saw Gwen’s death for the first time, and I still get upset every time I get to that part of the movie.

And then when I thought I couldn’t get any more upset, I saw this:

Credit: @Epicspidermanfan



Manhwa // Manga // Romance // Comedy // Tragedy // Kubera // Leez // Yuta
Credit: Currygom

I stopped reading Kubera somewhere in the middle of season two, but never got back on it because I felt all the angst and wasn’t emotionally prepared to continue it. I really want to read it though! (I have a lot of fangirling feels about this comic.)

As I was reading this, Leez and Yuta’s relationship kept getting darker, and it started to become really sad… I don’t know! I haven’t read it all! But I remember the angst! (Honestly their relationship isn’t a total failure, it’s just difficult under the circumstances.)

(Yuta was still so innocent when he looked younger. T_T) (Not that I’m against his appearance now, it’s just everything was happier back then.)


Golden Days


This romance didn’t fail, per se, I just had to add this to the angst pile. For those of you who don’t know, Golden Days is a shounen-ai tragedy. When I was looking up books by this mangaka, I saw this and the word “tragedy” when I was looking at the genre. At first I didn’t know if I was ready for the feels, but I decided to try it out anyway. So far it has a lot of comedy, so you don’t really feel depressed about reading this, and it’s pretty good too. But it’s a story about time travel, and how whether or not history is truly set in stone.

(Oh yeah, I must follow the rules! The two people involved are Mitsuya and Kasuga.)



Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in Titanic #movie #actor
Credit: Pinterest

Oh, I think we all know where this is going.

Must I really explain more about Jack and Rose? We all know how this love story ends.

But wait, I have a better one!


Romeo and Juliet

Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of Romeo + Juliet is gorgeous.
Credit: Pinterest

Leo! Why do you always land the tragic movies?

Personally, I didn’t like Romeo, nor Juliet, but Romeo a lot more.

Do I need to explain more? I feel like we all know how this story ends.

(I had to watch this movie and the earlier version for class. This one was a 90s spin on Verona, and the costumes were very showy, in my opinion. Mercutio was the only saving grace of this film, I’m afraid.)


Black Butler

Image result for ciel and elizabeth
Credit: Google Images

Ah, isn’t unrequited love great? I’ve only seen the first season of Black Butler (I really want to continue it though) but I’ve got a good gist on the relationship between Elizabeth and Ciel. I’m sure Ciel cares for her as a friend (he did try to save her in that doll episode, but I think his intentions were slightly different) but Elizabeth will keep trying to make him notice her.


Superman Returns

Image result for superman returns lois and clark
Credit: Google Images

Unrequited love sure is sad, but what’s even sadder is leaving the woman you love to search the galaxy for remains of your home planet, only to return and learn that she has a husband and a son. (And that son may or may not be yours.)

The Lois and Superman in this movie have won the “Most Failed at Love” award.

But Lois’s husband is awesome too! So don’t feel too bad about it! (James Marsden does a great job in this movie!)

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12 thoughts on “Romance Fails In Fiction Choice Tag!

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  1. Steve and Peggy….yep, that was sad as can be! (It seems like most of the “older” Marvel movie couples had more chemistry). And Romeo and Juliet will ALWAYS deserve a spot on this tag (even if they aren’t sad for me)
    I have a question though. Have you been seeing my posts lately? It’s nit just you, some other friends have been weirdly absent in seeing my posts. So maybe check my blog (again) and see the posts I’ve made since “The New Disney Princess Book Tag?” And…could you vote on my polls? They’ve been lacking in votes lately…Thanks! (End irritating self advertising)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, the relationships during the earlier movies had more chemistry. But I still like the newer ones no matter what. 🙂 And Romeo and Juliet didn’t make me sad either, but it earned a spot in this list. I’M SORRY! 😭 I’ve been gone all week and haven’t had the time to catch up on blogging in general. I’ll check your posts! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The newer ones are still great, it’s just something I’ve noticed as of late (especially when you consider I shipped all the older couples, but the newer ones not as much). Haha, Romeo and Juliet doesn’t make me sad, but it is definitely one of the most iconic failed romances. And that’s okay! It’s not just you, I was checking in with some others. And thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah great tag and choices! 🙂
    I love angsty romances like nobody’s business but please, PLEASE, let them end up together! I don’t like failed romances in the least XD Fortunately (or unfortunately) I do have a couple of them to add to this tag so at least my pain will be useful for something hahaha
    Thank you so much for tagging me! I’ll try to keep my feels under control… A tough feat but I’ll do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!
      I love angst too! But it always gets me every time, I should reading/watching it stop but I won’t. 😂 I don’t like failed ones either (I want them to be happy!!!)
      I can’t wait to see what couples you put! Grab some tissues just in case. 😉


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