Anime First Impressions: My Hero Academia

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I haven’t done one of these posts in awhile. 🙂

I’m going to be quite busy this week, but I have some posts scheduled on hand for you guys, so there’s nothing really to worry about.

I have no announcements today so, let’s get on with the post!

My Hero Academia

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Thoughts BEFORE Watching: I’ve heard of My Hero Academia from trailers I’ve seen from CrunchyRoll and always planned on watching it. It’s been popular for awhile now, and from seeing a lot of good rep from it, I wanted to give it a try. I always like superhero things. I’m a big fan of Marvel and love all the older DC movies, so this show looked right up my alley. Also I’ve been meaning to watch more shounen shows, because the majority of the anime I love to watch is shoujo. I didn’t plan on watching it so soon, but decided to see it before the summer ended, so I went to CrunchyRoll and watched the first episode. (It was very laggy though, my WiFi hates me.)

Thoughts AFTER Episode One: Despite the continuous buffering from my awful WiFi, I LOVED IT!

The first episode is basically an origin story. It explained Deku’s life and why he wanted to be a hero so much. You also get a lot of world building, and how humankind has made being a superhero a profession. I really enjoy watching origin stories, so I found the first episode very enjoyable to watch.

Deku is so adorable as child! He wants to be a hero because he was inspired by All Might, one of the earliest and best superheroes. However, unlike 80% of the human population, Deku was told he wouldn’t be able to have any powers, or “quirks”, at all. This made Deku’s dream near impossible to accomplish, but he still holds into the hope of being able to save the day like his role model.

I couldn’t help but love his mother, even if she made a short cameo. She’s really sweet and supportive of Deku’s dream. When she heard he couldn’t have any quirks she was heartbroken for him. (I’m not crying, you’re crying!) Although that probably meant that she didn’t think her son would be a hero, but still, she was sad that her son couldn’t live his dream.

I really enjoyed the art. It looks like it almost came straight out of a comic book. The contrast of colors was really neat too; lots of bright colors were used up for the scheme. Not only that, but I also appreciated the shading of All Might’s character. He’s mainly composed of hard lines, but the shading somehow intensified it, if that makes sense. I’m always bad at describing art styles, so I’ll move on.

Usually first episodes doesn’t contain all the characters, so it’s basically an introduction of the main character and nothing goes on until the second episode. But I was able to get introduced to a lot of different heroes just in the first episode, as well as a few characters who think they are heroes but don’t treat people like they are. (Looking at you Katsuki, I know that trope of yours.) Also I have a good idea of where the story will head, but I bet the second episode will still have more plot relevance. (Not that I didn’t think the first episode wasn’t connected to anything. Since it’s an origin story, it still kind of is.)

Overall, I really liked the first episode, I’m glad I decided to watch it.

Thoughts AFTER Season 1: I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!

This series is just so heartfelt and meaningful… gahh!!! (It makes you want to cry in each episode, but I didn’t. It made me want to though.)

There’s a lot of moral building and characters developing and learning from each other. For example, not only is Deku trying his best to be the best hero he can be, but All Might is trying to be the best teacher he can be. They both ultimately look towards each other and the rest of their peers for guidance, and they learn from everyone’s support and from their own fears.

I especially found the relationship between Deku and Kacchan to develop a lot more throughout the first season. Kacchan has a lot of pride, but once it starts to break, he realizes that he needs to improve himself a lot more so that one day he’ll prove himself to Deku. Deku in turn has always been picked on by Kacchan, yet he always looks up to him. Even though they don’t like each other, Deku has always admired Kacchan. And now that he has a quirk, he aims to go against him so that they can finally be at the same level as each other. They aren’t trying to rival each other because they’re only competing against each other, they each want to show the other their worth as a hero. (All the while I’m just stuffing my face with tissues… T_T)

All of these characters have a sense of justice: defeat the bad guy and save those in need. But it went way deeper than that, in terms of self-sacrifice and keeping up the attitude of a true hero. You don’t need to just want justice to be a hero, you have to be able to face your fears and try your best to decide what is the right thing to do.

In the end, I really adored this show and all it stood for. It’s a show that will get you right in the feels in the best parts, and can inspire you at the same time. I look forward to watching more!

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15 thoughts on “Anime First Impressions: My Hero Academia

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  1. I just started it a few weeks ago…and you are completely right!! If your are not realed in by the first episode there is something definitely wrong with you! im not finished yet wihch is great cause I have a treat at the end of my day knowing there is more! Falling in love with Shotto Todoroki! who is your favorite?!?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg! Apparently as I sadly found out earlier today im already in season 2 and it’s almost done 😭😭😭😭 I need some suggestions for some new anime!! Got any?!?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh that’s a tough question! I like a lot of different types of anime but I guess most of my favorites are things that reel you in almost immediately! Anything with amazing art and animation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Some anime that I’ve watched that I think are nice visually are Noragami and Anohana. If you like anything with 3D visuals RWBY is always a good choice, and I hear that Kado: The Right Answer has very good animation. (I want to see that one, I still haven’t watched it yet.) If you want a sweet story with some comedy Shounen Maid is pretty good, or maybe if you want something that’s sweet and fairy tale-like, then Snow White with the Red Hair might be for you. Tell me if you’ve seen or heard of any of these! Just curious. 😄


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