She Games: The Gray Garden—The Most Adorable RPG Ever


*Nervous laughter* So remember what I said about taking a break about She Games?

Yeah… Turns out I couldn’t take a break from it after all. (>_<)

Ah well, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy this post anyhow. 🙂

The Gray Garden

**This will be a spoiler free review only. (With brief background info on the game and the devs.) The art you see is all fanart and the character credit goes to Okegom. I will refrain from revealing anything about the game due to Okegom’s restrictions and guidelines.**

Yosafire, Gray Garden, Rawberry (Gray Garden), Macarona, Froze (Gray Garden)

Developers: Okegom/Mogeko/Deep-Sea Prisoner

Genre: RPG, Story, Adventure

Available for: PC (Windows and Mac)

Version: 1.08

Publication: December 27, 2012

Includes: Angels, Demons, Pixel Violence, Battle Sequences

More: Visit the Okegom Wikia for extra details.


Short Review



For an RPG Maker game, I really found the soundtrack enjoyable!

There’s a song for almost every new area of the game, which amounts to the soundtrack being extremely long. But I really enjoy it when there’s a variety of songs in one soundtrack, I like it when games have a song for every occasion.

Also the music is really adorable. It helps the imagery of the characters and the setting, and you can just listen to one song, and instantly know where it’s from. That and whenever something unexpected happens, there’d be a happy song a few seconds later and it’ll just make you laugh at the sudden change in atmosphere.

(Even now when I’m typing this, I admit I’m listening to the music. 😄)



The reason why I love Okegom’s games so much is because they always make elaborate stories that you can quickly be immersed into. They’re really addicting, and once you start to play, you want to keep playing until you know more about what’s going on.

Everything about The Gray Garden was extremely creative, and I loved the world building behind all of it. The only thing I wished for is that the backgrounds are less vague. I’d like a little more detail about the events in the past, but I’m pretty satisfied with what they’ve already revealed, so I’m not that disheartened by it.

Also, there are elements of previous stories. So if you haven’t seen or read them, you might be a little confused. It’s not required that you go out and look at all the other stories (they’re not really connected in any way) (I can’t see them all because of the language barrier T_T) but if you can, it certainly helps to understand more.

Story Vs Gameplay


There’s a lot of walking around and playing the game/grinding to make up for the large amount of cutscenes.

This is one of the RPG Maker games, that actually has RPG. (I know, crazy.) (Actually there are a lot of RPG Maker games that have battles, but a lot of the ones I’ve seen [from the horror genre] are mostly puzzles.)

But I found a nice balance to battling and figuring stuff out and watching the story unfold.


❄ 5/5 ❄

I really liked all of the characters, even the villains! They were so entertaining and lovable, I couldn’t help myself! (Voice acting them literally killed me though, I’m only good at the four MCs.) (Yes, I voice acted in this game; this is the one game where I’m actually good at it.)

All the characters have their own tropes to live by. I don’t really know how much I can reveal about the characters’ personalities, so I’ll refrain from giving anything away for now. But they were all so cute, and lots of them make me smile.

There are times when the characters would get sour to each other, and it’s just the best, because I laugh the hardest whenever that happens. 😂 It doesn’t fit their nature! However it really works! I don’t know how it could, but it does!



Again, for an RPG Maker game, the pixel art was really good in my opinion. I’d say it’s actually a little more advanced then most of the RPG games out there, but that’s just my way of thinking.

I love the detail in the CGs of each character, and everything is just really sweet-like. The art style is definitely different from a lot of styles I’ve seen, and I couldn’t help but love the game more for it.

Anything Else?

I tried being super careful about this post. >_< I read most of the guidelines (what I could find) and tried to keep from spoiling anything, and using any of Okegom’s art. Let’s Plays in general are strictly forbidden from being made about all of the games. There are still some out there, but they were made before Okegom announced their guidelines (I think) so very few are still up. I think walkthroughs are also a no-no, which is why wikia is the only one allowed to post anything pertaining to spoiler content. Even with all this, the game is still available for you to play.

There are a lot of cool little Easter Eggs everywhere, and it’s always really fun to find them out for yourself. Even now, I’m learning new things about the game.

Not a lot of people have heard of The Gray Garden or Deep-Sea Prisoner games in general, which is sad, because TGG is my favorite game I’ve played in a really long time. However I wouldn’t consider it underrated per se, I’ve heard comments from those who have played it ended up really enjoying themselves.

A lot of other games by Ogekom are a bit more for mature audiences, that I think quite a few of us can agree on, but TGG is okay for all ages. There’s still some things here and there, but really, this game in particular is quite harmless.

Still, I really hope you find something you like about The Gray Garden.

Thank you so much for reading! Until next time!

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