Let’s Talk Anime: Are First Person Shows Any Good?


This is just my normal anime discussions post. It just has a newer title. 😉 I’m here again to fill the void of those Tuesday posts, and I’ve written another anime themed one. I hope you’ll enjoy!

First person perspectives aren’t unheard of. There’s such things as first person shooter games, or first person POVs in normal books. However, since implicating themselves into anime, many people are wary of watching them for multiple reasons. So my question is, are they any good?

What are first person shows?

It’s where you, as the viewer, have a chance to interact with the characters. After brief pauses, there’s a chance for the viewer to actually “talk back” to whoever is on screen. The characters will even ask you questions then wait for your response before talking again. (No, it’s not quite like Dora… …Okay maybe it is…)

Not only that, but the camera style and position makes it seem as if you are viewing the world and the characters from your own perspective, like you are in the anime itself.

This is certainly an interesting way to watch shows. It’s not new, but it’s not very common. So…

Why do people dislike it so much?

I can’t quite speak for everyone, but it seems half the reason is because people associate first person anime shows with genres like (reverse) harems and fan service.

I can’t really blame them. The only ones I know of are One Room and Makuranodanshi, which both are packed with fan service. (I haven’t seen any of them, but I don’t plan to.) It’s probably not a good sign that when I think of first person shows, these are the two that popped into my head.

Many people could choose creative ways to showcase this type of animation, yet most are centered around “appealing” to the audience.

Once people end up trying it out, they get disappointed because what they were expecting… Wasn’t really as great as they hoped.

I kind of get why creators think this way of animation could be used for fan service and such, but there are many other ways that they could show first person animes for all audiences to enjoy.

Some Suggestions

A creative way I think people should go with these types of POV anime shows, are changing them to be more suspense and mystery orientated.

However, I know what you’re thinking, “But Ice, not everyone likes mysteries or suspense.”

I know that. 🙂 I just think that it’s a step in a different direction. I know there are many types of genres out there. (Thinking about it now, mecha and action genres kind of work too.) But it’s just a suggestion make take first person POVs more interesting to other types of viewers.

(It would certainly be a little more fun if normal shows like Sherlock would ask the viewer to solve the case. I’d probably be yelling at him, “It’s the cabbie” during that first episode.)

By changing the genre, many people could find themselves enjoying more of first person anime shows. They’d no longer associate those type of shows with fan service because there would be many more types out there.

Genre might not be the whole problem, some people might just find it odd that the characters ask them questions, or that they have to wait every once in awhile because there’s so many pauses. Sometimes it’s because there’s nothing really going on, so you’re just sitting there thinking, “Why am I watching this?” Genre isn’t the only reason why I don’t watch it either, it’s also the questions, lack of plot, and pauses too.

But changing the genre just seems the easiest plan to go with, so I’m suggesting that.

I’m pretty sure lots of different anime shows had first person POVs implicated somewhere, and it made the anime a little more compelling. It was something a bit different then what you were used to, but it still managed to fascinate you.

If you don’t want change, that’s okay!

I’m not judging or opposing others who actually like watching those kinds of shows. Just because it’s not normally something that strikes up my interests, doesn’t mean it won’t strike up yours.

Maybe you find it strange that those shows are popular, but they must be popular for a reason.

Not everyone enjoys it, but others find the time and love watching it because it’s something they like.

This post was just showing my idea of how first person could be enjoyed by everyone. Not everybody might start binge watching  after first person shows start to expand to newer audiences, but it might create a new following. If you have any new ideas to throw at me, chat to me in the comments! Did you agree with anything I might’ve said? Do you have any first person shows you actually like? I’d be glad to hear your thoughts!

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