I’m icebreaker, your weird friend, keeper of books, watcher of anime, and all-time goofball. So what is this post? What are you doing now? Well, I’ve decided to expand my blog to games.

I can hear your angry cries.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll post my regular stuff! This post in particular is just about me trying some of the most hyped games out there, and giving you my thoughts.

I plan on doing these posts periodically depending on the game and how long I’ll stick to playing it. (I already have a few ideas on a bunch of posts about games in the past.)

I wouldn’t consider myself a gamer, per se, so I’m probably the least qualified person out there. But I want to broaden my horizons *says rather dramatically* and bring to you more content on this blog. (Even though it’s probably scattered with random posts as it is.)

I’ll try my best at playing, and downloading all of your wacky games you’ve all created (looking at you game devs). I won’t play all the games out there of course (I don’t have the programs or storage to do that) but I’ll do my best with what I have!

So I’m starting with something simple: apps.

I’ve been looking around at some games, but one kept *folds hands and sighs deeply in defeat* coming up on a lot of different media sites.

And my friends, that was Mystic Messenger.

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Credit: Google Images

I know this game is not really that new, and so I bet a lot of you out there have probably heard of it, and maybe you haven’t. However, if you have heard of it, then you probably already know that this is an otome game (a game create specifically for girls).

Now. *defeated sigh again* I have mentioned that I don’t play otome games (not only for the obvious reasons, but also because it stems from my dislike of visual novel games), (I’m fond of other stuff like RPG games, horror [depends], [some] survival games, etc.) so why would I play this game you ask?

Well, at first I found it through Pinterest, but then thought nothing of it and just kept looking at whatever I was doing. It worked well for a month, then Tumblr kept happening, and I saw lots of fanart all over more Pinterest posts, some Twitter ones, YouTube mentions, friend mentions, even some WordPress posts… As you can see, I couldn’t escape it.

So I became interested. What’s with all this hype? I’ve been seeing lots of posts, art, videos, and pins about this game, so what is it that everybody loves about it? I didn’t really know.

So I downloaded it.

I’ll see for myself, and tell you all my thoughts if this game deserves the hype. Maybe it’ll surprise me, or maybe it won’t, who knows? I’ll tell you my thoughts, and from there you can decide for yourself too, if this game deserves all the love it’s getting.

I’ll won’t post everyday about it, it depends on the time I play, but I’ll post every now and then my progress and thoughts. (Yes, it’ll be “weekly”.)

Thank you for reading, I look forward to making more She Games posts!

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